Lost In Island 240x320 S60v3 J2ME

The protagonist of this game is, as the title, lost on an island inhospitable, full of aggressive animals and monsters of various kinds, pitfalls and steps to open. There are various moves, roll and climb vertical walls jumping from right to left etc..


Level234 Plop Art v1.00 J2ME

Enter the crazy world of the Plop Art creatures in this fast, frantic and - be careful - addictive action puzzle game for your mobile phone or PDA. The cute but evil little Plop Art creatures crawl up the wall and it's up to you to keep the away from the top. Plop away groups of three or more creatures before they reach the top of the wall.


Level234 Space Odyssey v1.00 J2ME

Space Odyssey is a entertaining Sci-Fi puzzle game for your mobile phone that takes you to the exciting world of interplanetary aviation. Guide your space ship safely to their target coordinates with a given array of direction signs and unlock more stages on your challenging journey.


Shamrock Games - Zombie Attack

The world is the future, an immense world, where humans are outnumbered. Is the time of mankind truly over? The few humans who have survived the catastrophe have to hide. The new world belongs to the barbarous zombies. This chance encounter suddenly gives you the once in a lifetime chance to save the world. Will you manage to pass all tests, to protect your lady and to give mankind another chance? Unlock new weaponry, set up booby traps! The newly awoken dead must not stop you. Mission: Your goal is to survive in all levels of the game and to kill the maximum number of zombies. You have the great opportunity of putting yourself in the position of the last hero in the post-apocalypse's world filled with crowds of blood-thirsty zombies.
Will a new epoch for the history of mankind ensue? This rests solely in your hands!
- Amazing graphics creating a horrible post-apocalypse's atmosphere;
-Exciting story accompanied with dialogues of main characters and over 50 spectacular in-game movies; unique animations of weapon shooting and loading;
- 18 levels of fierce battles with crowds of zombies; each level with a time limit as a challenge; different strategies can be applied;
- 7 weapons types (arbalest, pistol, shotgun, submachine gun, machine-gun, mortar and flame-thrower); choosing two weapons types from the weapons list before starting each level and switching between them while playing the level; each weapon has 3 stages of development;
- Different types of fortifications (box, wall, stone wall) and traps (explosive, anti-personnel mine, anti-tank mine, napalm mine) helping the player to repel the attacks of zombies;
- 3 types of zombies (a slow man, an agile woman, a strong fat man) plus quick scorpions;
- Numerous in-game special effects making gameplay more thrilling (destructions, explosions, inflammation, trampling down the objects by zombies etc.)
- Easy to learn controls,


Level234 Plop Art Sudoku v1.10 J2ME

"Plop Art Sudoku" is an exciting and funny new variant of the classic sudoku game where you have to solve puzzles full of cute litte creatures which you may know from our classic action puzzle game "Plop Art". Like in a classic Sudoku game you have to fill the empty places of a puzzle with the missing creatures. Every row must contain one of each creature. So must every column, as must every 3x3 square.


Ghost Stories S60v3

Raiden EX & X 240x320 CN 3D
Zombies revenge was yesterday! We give you: Ghost Stories! Experience this gruesome display of blood and horror! Take part in the shocking and terrifying tale about Bill and his father's attempt to cheat death! In order for you to fully enjoy being scared by our horrifying cast of monsters and creatures, we included a beginner-friendly tutorial into the story


Kasparov Chess Deluxe (S60v3) ML

The greatest chess player and world champion, Garry Kasparov, invites you to test their strength in the mobile tournament, created under his personal control! New advanced artificial intelligence and multi-level system complexity will enjoy the game, both novice and experienced chess players. Poor you beat Kasparov himself?


Fighter Ace (240x320 CN)

This is a traditional shooting game made in the basis of adding a wealth of mission systems.
little help of menu between missions:


Armor Elite 3D RUS 240x320

Armor Elite features a tank commander of an Allied Armored Division in World War II. Take command of your powerful tank to defeat the opposition and help free Europe and North Africa through a series of intense battlefields, destroying all enemy tanks and occupying the towns and villages. The game will allow the player to feel the power of steel armor and experience a realistic war with a variety of action-packed campaigns from France to Germany. Enter the tank and start your battle!
• Command your powerful tank through the intense battles.
• The game puts you into the battlefield filled with dozens of enemy vehicles.
• A realistic war game with thrilling explosions all around.
• A variety of action-packed missions with amazing 3D environments.
• Irresistible gameplay with true experience of the WWII.


Minigolf 99 Challenge 2010 (s60v3 ML)

Tee off on 99 challenging mini golf tracks in 4 exciting theme worlds! Enjoy the wacky worlds of Transylvania, Pirate, Space & Excalibur as you take on 5 unique challenge types in one fun game! Try to beat tricky opponents in Versus Match, beat the Par Challenge, make a Hole-in-One or beat the clock in Time Attack as you enjoy addictive mini golf that you can return to again & again


Need for air Defense: WARFARE II (240x320 CN)

Need shooting game? .. Tight rhythm, graphics and AI have a high level of performance, using delicate 3D rendering, realistic explosive effects...


Sniper War on Terror (Northeastern Battlefield) 240x320 CN

Intense battle scenes, a wealth of character animation, the plot twists and turns ups, all of the outbreak of the war!

Invading army armed provocations, guarded army resolutely back, his comrades in calling you, to join the fighting!


Ong-Bak - Fire Battle Chapter (240x320 CN)


Age Of Magic v0.08 (Build:195) Symbian S60v3

Age of Magic v0.08 (build: 195)
Symbian: 9.1-9 .3
Resolution: 320X240, 352x416
Language: English, Russian, Ukrainian
Developer: Dmitry Matveev aKa Beholder

The Game:
World Age of Magic - the world of fairy tales and legends. It is inhabited by elves, dwarves and other fantastic creatures. Heroes travel the world in search of treasure and glory.
Magic - the cornerstone of the world AoM. In all there are 6 schools of magic: earth, water, fire, air, light and darkness. And two schools to explore the opposite direction is impossible, such as knowing the magic of darkness, the magic of light will be unavailable. Each race has the ability initially to a certain school of magic. So for the people is water, for the elves - light for Necromancers - darkness, for the barbarians - fire etc.
Spells can be bought in magic guild in cities or in the magical towers found a map. In total there are 5 levels of spells, the higher the level the greater the effect of higher costs and higher requirements for their study.
In game 6 types of resources - it is stone, wood, mercury, sulfur, magic crystals and gold. Each of the resources produced in the exact locations.
Gather resources, build cities, learn magic, hire the army. Here's the basic strategy of the game. A well-trained hero with a large army - a serious bid for victory!
Whats New:
1. Added an underground race (castle, the heroes).
2. Added 3 new landscape (swamp, volcanic, dead).
3. Added support for localization of cards (30 languages).
4. Corrected bug with wrong display of the results of the battle.
5. Corrected bug with possible hang after the battle.
6. Corrected bug is the inability to attack the enemy hero, if he is close to the castle, the player.
7. Improved AI.
8. Modified algorithm set of games.
9. Changed game balance.
10. Corrected bug with''''blue squares on the battlefield.
11. Changed menu background to the original.
12. Corrected a bug with the order of colors of players.
13. Corrected a bug where the hero who escaped from appearing in the tavern.
14. Fixed some errors in the text.
15. The errors in the installation script.
16. Fixed bug which leads to the fact that the parameters of creatures in the battle sometimes became negative.
17. Changed the function of''school''of darkness, now adds +1 to the magic of Darkness.
18. Fixed bug: sometimes when using magic, changing the speed (acceleration, deceleration, etc.) selected creature could not move.
19. Functions is added a new soundtrack.
20. Music is now interactive.
21. Fixed errors when minimized / deploying games (playing music, if you deploy not redraw the screen, etc.)
22. New credits in the form of running titles.
23. Text control scrolling. Reworked interface.
24. Messadzhi now also with scrolling. Maximum length of text to describe the maps, events, panels, etc. are now 16 bits (65536 chars.). Supported newlines.
25. Added Ukrainian localization, to Den-Eject.
26. Full native podderzhfka 352x416 screens
4 new maps for the Age of Magic-0.08 Maps from previous versions need to removed. They must be removed before installing the game from the directory * \ Private \ E9700266 \ maps.


Grand Rally Championship EN 240x320

Racing. Moves from one phase to another rally and improve their driving skills.
Language: English


Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing (Nokia N95 SPA)

* 10 famous SEGA characters including Sonic, Knuckles, Dr. Eggman, Tails, Alex Kidd and more, each with their own unique vehicle & abilities
* 8 memorable tracks set in SEGA’s various game worlds like Sonic the Hedgehog™, Super Monkey Ball™, House of the Dead™, Jet Set Radio Future™, and many more!
* Collect rings to trigger the Mini-Boost for extra speed.
* Master drifts, slipstreams and stunts to be the fastest racer.
* Grab 6 varied weapons and power ups: K.O. Glove, Rocket, Ghost, Confusing Star, and Dash.
* 4 games modes: Race, Tournament, Time Trial, and Mission


Christopher Caleb Russian Roulette v1.0.4 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x

Ever thought about playing Russian Roulette for real? Rather than risking redecorating your walls with your brain you could instead be having a laugh playing this great mobile phone version.
Ideal for parties, drinking games or making bets with friends.
Inject some fun into your mundane work day, boring college lectures or crappy school lessons.
If you're a loser with no friends then try the single player mode and aim for a new high score.
Main features:
# Realistic revolver graphics.
# Gory death.
# Single and multiplayer modes.
# Accurate simulation of bullet position within chamber.
# Increase the risk by adding multiple bullets.
# Includes the famous Wilhelm scream.


Q-Stuff Q-Battleship v1.00 J2ME

Go into naval battle against the computer or a friend via Bluetooth. Do you have what it takes to win?


Q-Stuff Q-Tetris v1.00 J2ME

Amazing retro style Tetris for your mobile with original sounds and graphics. It will keep you playing for hours.
* Q-Stuff.com's Online High Acore Ranking Support


Q-Stuff Q-SpaceInvaders v1.00 J2ME

Everyone loves Space Invaders, now enjoy it on your phone with original sounds and graphics. It is bound to keep you hooked for hours.
* Q-Stuff.com's Online High Score Ranking Support


IQ-Mobile IQ Lights Off v1.00 J2ME

IQ Lights Off Game – A little fun game designed to exercise your brain. Maybe you have seen it over the internet or on the Apple iPhone. Starting today you can play it on your mobile phone! If you have a java enabled phone then this game is for you!

The game consists of a 5 x 5 cell board game. A cell (light) can be turned on/off by selecting it. When doing this, the near cells (up, down, left, right) change their state (the cell that is turned on becomes turned off and vice versa).The goal of the game is to switch all the Lights Off. Every level has an initial board configuration and the difficulty grows gradually.


Mig 25 & Mirage Air Battle Fever CN

Two good shoot em up
classic 1942 style, both games are very similar... and nice!
240x universal for nk-SE and Se 176x


Opera Mini 5.2.17443 Multi-Operator

Predefined Servers for Philippine Networks:

connection name : Any Name
Data bearer : packet data
access point name : internet
proxy :
port : 80

CGI/Freesite Tricks

connection name : Any Name
Data bearer : packet data
access point name : http.globe.com.ph
proxy :
port : 80

Space Trick

connection name : Sun MMS
Data bearer : packet data
access point name : mms
proxy :
port : 8080

MMS Trick(Flyproxy)
Custom Server Fields
This will be the field where you will input your own tricks for reliance, airtel and other networks to browse the net for free :

(the code used from Om4.2 is transferred to OM5 beta 2 to create this multi operator application)
Sir Eduard
( for Road Testing the Tricks for Smart/Globe)

Latest Version Added!

(SUN MMS trick Updated)Credits again to
to Goldengod28
(Minor Bug Fixes from Opera Team)

Free Download

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