Mini Commander v4.2 J2ME

Unique Features:
1. .JAD file maker.
2. Full .ZIP support.(Extract files-Create .ZIP archive
3. FTP support.
4. Bluetooth file transfer.
5. MP3 & Video player
6. Text support and .JPG image support
* What's new in version 4.2
* Multiple file renaming. Works as follows: If you select only one file, then rename the form displays the name of the file, if you select neskolno files, then rename the form of mask is displayed by default "[N]. [E]". In the mask can set the following parameters: [N] - the file name without the extension, [E] - the file extension, [C] - counter, the starting from scratch.
* Search and replace in a text editor.
* The function "Clear" in a text editor when redaktirovnii block.
* Sorting bookmarks alphabetically.
* Setting speed of scrolling of long file names in the panels. After the change you want to restart the program.
* In the audio player three modes of play: random, with repetition (the circle), with no repeat (up to the last file). Toggle buttons "3".
* Fixed search for Bluetooth-enabled devices.
* Other minor fixes.
* What's new in 4.1 ·
* Bluetooth client. Work on the Protocol OBEX File Transfer Protocol. Supported operations: copy and delete files and folders, create folders.
* FTP client. Supported operations: copying files to a server, reading files from the server, create folders, delete files and folders, renaming. With the renaming can move files from one folder to another, enter the appropriate path.
* Direct copying of files without perepakovki files.
* Rename files and folders in the ZIP-archives. It should be noted that while the entire archive will be rebuilt, but without perepakovki files.
* Setting file extensions to the ZIP-archive, text, video.
* Text for editing, you can open a joystick. The text opens encoded by default, the selected settings.
* The viewer can change the background image to black and white on the back button '*'.
* Signal the end of operations (copy / delete / unpacking / zapakovka). On and off in the settings. The volume is a signal in the audio volume, but not below 30%. In addition, you can select the type of signal: IMY or MP3. Minimum time to signal (s) - Since the start of the operation, which is less than the signal is not fed.
* Viewing images and editing of texts in the archive without extracting the disc.
* The cursor changes color when you open a folder.
* Pressing '9' The current panel is set to full screen.
* ] Pressing '9' retention (9 +) program winding down (or goes in the background). Will not work on all phones.
* Allocation of folders in bold (to be included in settings).
* Pressing '5' to keep (5 +) in the opposite panel to open the same folder as the current.
* Pressing buttons retention 'C' or 'Call' in the panels rises up one level.
* Audio shows, along with the approximate size of the file bitrate.
* ] The new regime display panels (selected in the settings), where the active panel took 2 / 3 the width of the screen.
* The images in the viewer information about the file now shows the original image size in pixels. The rectangular background of inscriptions replaced by border (characters obvedeny opposite color).
* Experimental support for touch screens. Included in the settings. It works only in the main window with the panels. The menu does not work.
* Options 'Max. Size for viewing' and 'Max. Amount to the editor of' replaced with 'Hi. Text Size' and 'Max. Size of the text for the form of editing.' 'Hi. Text Size' specified in kilobytes, and the mean maximum size of file that can be downloaded in the browser and word processing. If the value is 0, then tries to open the text of any length. 'Hi. The size of the text for editing forms' are in bytes (may not be less than 64) and refers to the maximum size of the block of text, which can be opened in the form of text when you press 4 (text from the screen) in a text editor.
* Button 5 in a text editor now opens the text as follows: if the current position (the beginning of the text on the screen) corresponds to the beginning of the text, it opens for editing the entire text, or only from the current position to end. If you receive a block size greater than 'Hi. The size of the text for the form of editing (in the settings), this value is ignored. There is no guarantee that the text will open, because a longer block may not be enough memory or not enough buffer size in the form of editing.
* Miscellaneous fixes.


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