UM Video Chat v.1.00 Beta 1 S60v3

A new program for video and communication in video chat through the internet from 05/21/1910!
The program is designed for progressive P2P (peer - to - peer) - technology like Skype for PK
- Video calling users UMV Chat via Inet.
- Conferences - video to a maximum of six - ty (photos)
- Chat - room.
- Multi - Chat to 60 people.
- High quality video (H264).
- You can communicate Full EKRAN.
- High quality voice transmission.
- Video / Audio - sync.
- Adjust the volume from 0 to 10.
- Support GPRS / EDGE / 3G / Wi - Fi - connection.
- 1.5 kb Traphen eats for every second of communication (30 MB for 6 hours) on assurances Developer
and much more.
Be sure to check in when you first start the program. Invent yourself and enter only the password. Issue automatically. Then a window will appear with the data of your account. Do not forget to log in the program.
Your nickname will be composed of digits without letters and later will be displayed at the top of the screen in the main program menu.


Paragon HandyShell v2.02 S60v3 SymbianOS9x Omnia Style

Handy Shell for Nokia E75 provides you with 4 additional Standby screens: Today, Applications, Contacts and Images. 3D "Cube" design, screen animation and wallpaper support will completely change your smartphone’s display look and advance its general usability. Handy Shell is fully integrated with S60 smartphones’ interface and main applications (Clock, Contacts, Calendar, Messages, Profiles, Themes).
Application features:
* Today view completely replaces Active Standby and collects all important info on your smartphone’s main screen.
- Digital clock, date, alarms; - Application shortcuts; - Phone indicators (Bluetooth, missed calls, new messages, new emails, active profile, active theme); - Calendar events; - Weather plug-in with 5-day weather forecast for your home city for Handy Weather owners.
* Wallpaper support for better customization.
* Applications view with fast access to frequently used apps.
* Contacts view shows 12 favorite contacts with optional dial or create message action.
* Photos view for instant access to your image gallery.
* New! 3D "Cube" interface for fast navigation between screens.*


TuneWiki v0.02.169 S60v5 SymbianOS9.4

TuneWiki v0.02.169 S60v5 SymbianOS9.4 "Gen-Next Iphone Social Media Player"(12.05.10)

Have you ever wondered "what is she singing?", or just wanted to read the lyrics of your favorite artist? Then TuneWiki Social Music Player is the app for you.
* -Sync own music library with the app
* -options to read lyrics in karaoke style as song plays (must enable 3G Internet to sync lyrics from www to the app)
* -downloads album art immediately to the app
* -SHOUTcast radio (listen to various radio stations worldwide or choose by genre)
* -Inbuilt YouTube Music Video search
* -Save your YouTube MV into your library for future viewing
* -View YouTube MV from the app itself
* -Song Lyrics search
* -Music Maps (see where in the world the song you're listening to is playing via Google Maps)
* -TuneWiki Top 50 (Artist OR Song Around the World OR by Country)
* -Sync Twitter & Facebook account with the app to post updates about the song you're listening to.
* - Read what other people are saying about the song
* -Use TuneWiki's music player offline
TuneWiki combines a global community of music lovers with the most advanced music player in the world, allowing you to view lyrics in 'karaoke' style, see what others play around you, understand the lyrics in languages other than your own and check who else plays the music you play - around the corner or around the globe.
Changelog Official:
* A major fix for the Refresh Library issues and a few more minor fixe


imiChat v1.15.5 Beta S60v5 SymbianOS 9.4 Signed

The first ever mobile video chat worldwide, available over today's mobile networks. imiChat is available in the global networks, with no call charge or roaming fee. As long as your cell-phone is equipped with imiChat, text, voice, video communication with similar phones or PCs at any time, in any place is simplicity itself. imiChat requires mobile network connection, a flow rate is therefore produced and the fee collected by service providers. The flow rate is approximately 12 kbit/second or 90 kb/minute. The flow rate for text and voice chat only is approximately 2.5 kbit/second or 19 kb/minute.
Key features of imiChat:
* World's first mobile video communication software, the world's existing mobile network application (GSM, CDMA, GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA, TD, CDMA2000, HSPA);
* Real-time video, voice, text chat, the best all-round communication;
* Support six simultaneous users of video, voice, text chat, the most exciting multi-communication;
* High compression video technology, video is clear and smooth, substantial savings in Internet traffic;
* Tens of millions of user all over the world more than 200 countries and regions.
NOTE: No change log available!


TwitBlack v1.21(2) S60 3rd-5th

TwitBlack v1.21(2) S60 3rd-5th (J2ME Mobile Twitter client)

TwitBlack is a Twitter client application for mobile, base on j2me. Most of Twitter features has been implemented on TwitBlack.
Key features:
* Timeline: Public Timeline, Home Timeline, User Timeline, Favourites.
* Search: Search, Saved search, User search.
* Trends: Current, Daily, Weekly.
* Friendship: Following, Followers, Blocklist, Follow/Unfollow, Block/Unblock.
* Tweet: New Tweet, Insert Image, Insert Trends, Direct Message, Reply, Re-tweet, Inbox, Outbox.
* List: New List, Update List, Delete List, Add Member to List.
* Account Update
* OAuth support


EqualizerApp v1.00(1) for Satio and Vivaz

A free application called "Equalizer" available for Satio and Vivaz. This equalizer will give you the following different options: Off, Classical, Jazz, Dance, Party, Pop, Rock, Spoken Word, Loudness, Mega Bass and Treble Boost. There are two important notes though: First of all this application needs the latest update to work on Satio (on Vivaz it works on the launch SW of course) and also since it s a separate application it needs to be started separately when you want to start using it


Antarix's Socially v1.33 S60v3/v5 SymbianOS9.x

Socially is a CallerID application for your mobile phone. With Socially, you can keep track of all your friends at one place; enrich your phone book with dynamic social data; see caller's social information on incoming calls and much more.
All your friends at one place
See all your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn contacts in a single view. See what your friends have been up to.
Rich social data on incoming call
When your friends call you on your phone, you can now see their latest social data, even before their call. Go ahead, surprise them and have better conversations.
Support for all popular networks
Socially supports multiple networks - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn; making it your single social network command center on phone.
Last conversation context
Everytime you receive a call, Socially informs you when you last spoke to this caller.
When you install Socially, it automatically matches your phone contacts with your social contacts. You can also manually map contacts.
Update status
With Socially you can post your current status to one or multiple social networks at the same time.
(Un)social: Avoid pesky callers
Block pesky callers and telemarketeers. Now your phone will never ring when they call.
Location of annonymous callers
When Socially detects a call from outside your phone book, it automatically shows the caller's location


BuddyCloud v1.01 S60v5 SymbianOS9.4

Buddycloud takes your mobile's address book, mashes it up with our location fingerprint technology and then feeds the results back to your buddies. Buddycloud pushes (and pulls) your location, mood and intended next location to everyone else in your address book. At the same time Buddycloud will point out interesting people and locations as you move around town, and gives you a convenient way to chat with them and hook-up.
Now you can:
* see where your friends are
* see where they have been
* see where they are planning on going
* share your current mood or "message to the world"
* chat privately with your friends with instant messages
* join group chats, discuss, flirt or get to know new friends
* see how many people are at places near you
* meet people near you
Now by looking at your phone's address book you know who's going where and who's doing what.
It is also possible to setup Buddycloud's Facebook Application so that your friends can see where you are
Fixed Certificate
Minor bugs fixed

READ MORE AND DOWNLOAD Formula1 2010 v1.8.49 S60v5 J2me Formula1 2010 v1.8.49 S60v5 J2me (Essential app for Formula1 fans)

The Application is the essential app for Formula One fans and streams real-time data direct from Formula One Management's Technical Facility at the race track. It displays the same information supplied to the teams from every session of the weekend, instantly putting you at the heart of the action.
Live timing:
* driver number, name and position
* lap times, sector times, session countdown and lap count
* straight-line speeds
* track status indicator
* text commentary
Circuit data:
* air and track temperatures
* humidity, air pressure and rainfall
* wind speed and direction
Additional features:
* practice, qualifying and race results
* race timetable
* season calendar
* championship standings
No Change-log available


Mobisophy Voice Jockey v1.01.1250 S60v3/v5 SymbianOS9.x

Add funs and surprises to daily phone calls! Customizable ringback tones, auto responder, phone call background music & sounds,
interactive answering machine. All in Voice Jockey!
Main features
- Background music & sounds, customizable ringback tones, smart responses,
- interactive answering machines are driven by different sound scenarios. You can import sound scenarios from sound files, recorded by yourself, or download them from our site Over-The-Air.
- Sound scenarios can be configured to auto apply to incoming & outgoing calls, or to be selected manually before incoming or outgoing calls answered.
- Different sound scenarios can be applied to different incoming and outgoing caller lists.
- You can change to other sound scenario or start to play a new scenario after a call connected at any time.

Adds fun and surprises to daily phone calls
- VJ acts as customizable ringback tones and ringtones at the same time. You can set different ringback tones and ringtones to different callers.
- VJ adds different background music and sound effects to phone calls as you wish
- VJ works as auto phone calls responders when you are unavailable to answer by yourself.
- VJ is also an interactive answering machine, could be entertaining or decent!
What''s cool!
- Background music & sounds, customizable ringback tones, smart responses,
- interactive answering machines are driven by different sound scenarios. You can import sound scenarios from sound files, recorded by yourself, or download them from our site.
- Interactive answering machines turn phones to be phone call password guards,
- voice based game players or answering machines! Usually these functionalities are provided by operators or wireless service providers as a value added service. Now you can have your personal cool answers!
Three kinds of scenarios :
- Background music & sounds
Add background music to call conversations as atmosphere booster.
- Play background sound effects like traffic jam, office noise to pretend you are there.
- Smart responses
VJ can accept calls with ringback tones like ''Merry Christmas music'' or ''Crazy frog'', and you can also hear these ringback tones at the same. So they are ringback tones for callers and ringtone for you!
- VJ can reject calls politely or funnily by auto responding sounds like ''In a meeting'' or ''You fool stop calling me'' when you don?t want to pick up calls.
- Interactive scenarios
- Use interactive scenarios, VJ can work as your personal ''Answering machine'' so you won''t miss any important calls.
- Some interactive scenario like ''Password call filter'' can even be your phone call gatekeeper!
- VJ can even play interactive voice based game with callers! Like ''Your horoscope'', ''Finger guessing game'', etc...
- You can set whether winners or losers can connect to you.


ThinkChange nUnlock v5.10 S60v5 SymbianOS9.4

The coolest homescreen ever for your Nokia.See everything you need at first glance: easy-to-read time display, indicators of your phone status.Then,unlock your phone with one smooth slide.background image, font color... Completely configurable!
Fixed bugs:
1. error decoding JPG image when changing backgrounds
2. signal strength for Satio and i8910 fixed


Q2Reader v1.00 Beta S60v5 SymbianOS 9.4

Q2Reader Team Q2Reader v1.00 Beta S60v5 SymbianOS 9.4 (New mobile FB2 & TXT Reader)

First beta version of new mobile FB2/TXT Reader for S60 5th devices.
Key features of Q2Reader:
* Supported formats: FB2, TXT;
* For FB2 supports: images, headings, epigraphs, verses, text styles, etc;
* Support portrait and landscape screen orientation;
* Kinetic scrolling;
* Context translation of words by long tap on word in text;
* Paging by clicking on top/bottom of the screen;
* Calling menu in read mode by pressing on upper left corner of the screen;
* New color editor for font and background in application settings;
* Text search;
* Quick jump within the document (in %);
* Auto scrolling in text (smooth, by line, by page);
* Quick view of reading time and volume of reading;
* Backlight settings;
* 55 different codepages of characters + 3 Unicode.
NOTE: This is the first beta version, application can work unstable! Tested on Nokia 5800 only.


GlobalRadio - Galaxy v2.00 S60v3/v5 SymbianOS9.x

The Galaxy application lets you listen to Galaxy on your Symbian S60 device.

It also displays text and pictures about what we're playing now, useful information like news and travel, and how to contact Galaxy by phone, SMS or email. You should be aware that this application can download significant volumes of data whilst running, so please make sure you have an appropriate data plan if you connect through your mobile network or on a public Wifi network.


CryGuard v1.00(14) S60v3/v5 SymbianOS9.x

Cape Peace Software Oy- CryGuard v1.00(14) S60v3/v5 SymbianOS9.x

Cryguard works by detecting audio volume level, and calling a phone number set in it when volume gets high enough. If the volume goes to yellow level, it makes an alarm if the sound is continuous. If the volume goes to red level, the alarm is instaneous. The application calls for a while, returns to listening, and again new alarm is made if necessary.
Known defects:
1. If several applications are run at the same time, Nokia audio driver may crash = do not run other applications parallel to Cryguard
Planned improvements:
1. Findbox to 3.x devices
Changes from 1.0.13:
Back functionality
Marked as compatible with 5.x devices
Installs automatically to c


Jbak TaskMan v1.30

This is powerfull task manager with many possibilities

This is a freeware version of the powerfull task manager.
Programm can completely replace system task-list, and contain many features for managing task, processes, and quick running of applications.
- Ultimate replacement of standard task list, which called by menu-key long press.
- Customisable quick launch, where you can add program, document, phone number, SMS and e-mail.
- List of all programs in your phone with quick search by name or UID.
- List of processes, threads, chunks with quick search.
- Quick and stable termination of busy tasks.
- Autorun of programms.
- Phone reboot.
- Uninstalling of sis-applications.
- Info about free memory.
- Clocks with seconds and date with day of week.
- Detailed information about runned task, which you can copy to clipboard.
- Quick task switch by pressing and holding menu-key (Smooth task switch)
- Remember last-visited position in system phone menu.
- Detailed setting of menu-key
- Powerfull possibilities for power and memory saving
+ Backlight control in each application (configured in the application list) (experimental!) To delete the settings in the application list in the selected application Menu-Remove Backlight Control
+ Tabular form in all windows (task list, quick start, a list of applications), the menu will be tabulated later (option exists, but does not work)
+ Currently running applications are marked in a circle in the application list
! very sweaty work was to adapt the sensors, now perfected in 98% kinetic scrolling, etc.


Opera Mini 5 Final 5.0.19693 (Multi-Operator)

Predefined Servers:

connection name :
Any Name
Data bearer : packet data
access point name : internet
proxy :
port : 80
(Credits to Litemint)

connection name :
Any Name
Data bearer : packet data
access point name :
proxy :
port : 80

connection name :
Data bearer : packet data
access point name : mms
proxy :
port : 8080


Smartphoneware Best TaskMan v2.4 S60v5 SymbianOS9.x

Running applications and tasks control, ability to substitute built-in system task manager or work along with it, 'Windows Alt-Tab' style task switcher, a unique way to access favorite applications (Quickstart), running processes control, and many more advanced functions to explore.
Best TaskMan shows comprehensible information about programs and processes running on the device. Unlike built-in task switcher it tells you exactly what programs are running on your smartphone and it gives you answers to the obvious ensuing questions, such as where these programs reside, memory they consume and what capabilities do they use.
In addition to that you can switch between running applications, close unneeded ones, launch your favorite applications fast (quickstart) or go deeply with enhanced process viewer and installed applications list.
If you really want to know what's behind of the screen of your device and want to control it then Best TaskMan is the application for you.
Features include:
* Task list and task switcher
* Memory View
* Quick start functionality
* Integration to the system and customizable activation
* Overview and control running applications
* Ability to exclude applications from tasks list
* Ability to close or kill an application
* Customizable 'close all' command
* Detailed information about each running application
* Overview and control running processes
* Ability to close or kill a process
* Overview of the list with installed applications
What's new in v2.04:
Both S60 3rd edition and S60 5th edition are in one installation file now


Ram Blower v1.0 V3 Y V5 Signed (EN)

* One of the best applications to free RAM.
* Is in English but its management is quite simple.
* Displays running applications and memory is consumed.
* It is configurable to act for itself in time.
* Only press the central button (cleanup) releases the memory and closes open applications in the background.
* For me a great application and very helpful for the proper functioning of your phone.


Sideralis v2.0.0 b631

Sideralis v2.0.0 b631 {Displays Stars Positions in Sky from your Current Position}

Sideralis is a small and free midlet application which displays a map of the stars on your mobile phone. In other words a sky chart for mobile phones.
This is an equivalent to Stellarium or KStar but on your mobile phone.
Your mobile should support MIDP2.0 and CLDC1.1, be up to date and have enough internal memory. Please have a look at the following page to know what your mobile supports: J2ME Devices.
* A lot of different objects:
* More than 800 stars.
* 5 planets: Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn.
* Sun and Moon.
* 3 different views :
* Horizontal view.
* Zenith view.
* Night view
* Information on all objects:
o Name.
o Magnitude
o Distance
o Azimuth
o Height
* Current time or any time can be chosen.
* Selection of location by either entering latitude and longitude, by selecting a city among more than 80 cities or by selection on a globe.
* Small dictionary available giving some interesting information about universe and constellations
* - Almost fully rewritten code to improve performance and stability, and prepare for future functionalities
* - Added stars, constellations and names of stars
* - Support for touch screen
* - Added Uranus and Neptune
* - Improved precision for Saturn and Jupiter
* - Added effect of atmosphere in calculation
* - Only for mobile supporting 3D API: possiblity to zoom and scroll in all direction in horizontal view.
* - Reorganized help. Now press '#' to get a virtual keypad explaining the function of each keys
Bugs known:
--On some SonyEricsson mobiles, direction of view is not correctly displayed
--Does not start on some mobiles (some Motorola, Blackberry, on Nokia and SE it should start)
--In some case, icons bar can be hidden when switching to non full screen mode.
--All languages fully translated (English, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, Portuguese and French) (for other languages contact me)
--Change touchscreen support (from floating bar to docked bar, new exit button to close cursor)
--Small bug correction
--Improve precision of location by one decimal.
Change Log:
Not Available

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