CrypticWallet v1.1 J2ME Free Secure Password Manager

CrypticWallet is a free secure password managing program for mobile phones (running JAVA ME). It is useful to store passwords, PINs, card numbers, bank accounts, any confidential information and sensitive data. You need to remember only one master password to store securely on your mobile any number of fully encrypted data, using the most secure encryption method currently available.
* It uses strong AES encryption engine (developed by the Legion of the Bouncy Castle ) with 256 bit key and secure random salt;
* It is almost impossible to crack, because the master password is not stored on the mobile phone. So if your mobile is stolen or lost, the database cannot be decrypted. However, if you forget your master password, you won't be able to get your data back. Therefore, the master password should be stored in a secure place, apart from your mobile.;
* It is being developed in JAVA ME (J2ME) - CLDC 1.0, MIDP 2.0, so it needs JAVA ME (J2ME) enabled device to run.;
* It stores information using a list of Title/Value pairs, both encrypted.;
* The program needs only 68KBytes on your device.;
* It allows a very fast access of information, due to smart data stucture and algorithms.;
* Automatic logout after 9 minutes of inactivity, which is very useful in case you forget your phone unattended while logged in.;
* An encrypted database can be backuped and restored via FileConnection API (jsr75).;
* You can use your desktop machine to view or modify your encrypted database more comfortably by running CrypticWalletPC java application.;


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