YehBA Instant Messenger v3.0 Beta

YehBA Instant Messenger v3.0 beta (0.5.57) {Desktop-PC Style Messaging Experience}
YehBA Mobile Instant Messenger is based on open architecture messaging standard that supports other Public and Private IM platforms.

Used in more than 150 countries, YehBA Mobile Instant Messenger is an AFFORDABLE communication tool to get in touch with your family and abroad anywhere in the world. With emphasis on MOBILITY and PRODUCTIVITY, YehBA IM is made to fit your lifestyle, creating a whole new meaning to connectivity and presence.

YehBA Mobile Instant Messenger is based on open architecture messaging standard that supports other Public and Private IM platforms.

* Mobile Presence - Now your PC becomes mobile. Chat anywhere with your online friends without being tied up with your PC.
* Real-time Chat - Instant conversation with your friends and loved ones thru a non stop chat and broadcast messaging in the most affordable way.
* Multihead Client - Connect with your favorite IM community like Yahoo! Messenger, MSN, Google, Jabber and more.
* Multi-User Chat rooms - YehBA brings you a more exciting way to meet new friends from other countries. It also allows you to create your own chat room and moderate your own discussion.
* Mobile Blogging - Create your own blog and let your buddies view and know what's new with you. It's time to free your mobile phone from cables because now after taking picture with your mobile camera, you can immediately share and post the pictures on your own blog.
* Friendly and Intuitive Interface - Change your status to be displayed on the screen, decorate your message with emoticons or personalize your own settings of YehBA IM.
* Compatible with leading messaging standard (XMPP/Jabber) - Compliant with open standards and the IM Federation.
* Low bandwidth compressed mobile protocol - With YehBA's unique feature your mobile communication experience is faster, secured and most affordable than ever


EGi Marine Aquarium v2.0 S60v3/v5 SymbianOS9.x

The wonderful clown fish are able to follow your finger as soon as it touches the screen, everything is very realistic because a background sea will involve you.I promise that there will be plenty of new features and improvements to make this software more and more complete.
Change Log :
* 6 different species of fish
* 2 pieces of animated sea anemone
* Bubbles to make things more real
* Popup menu to add your favorite fish or delete
* All fish follow your finger to touch the screen
* Each fish has its own natural character


Marcel Zumstein Blync v1.0 S60 Java

Synchronization platform for mobile phones.


GGheart v1.60 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x

Description (translated via Google):
1.60 version on March 27 at 6 AM finally finished, due to last-minute message that there was a lot of unstable conditions, the 1.60 version that was temporarily removed the SMS feature. This version also does not need to install the full version of file to use weather forecasts and heart screen saver modules, closed beta installation package also will be sharing the afternoon of 27 will be sent to the closed beta user's hands, because this version of the program structure change is high, there may be more stable, in this deeply . Thank you once again on the phone heart tolerance and support, we will continue our efforts and intentions to be the best. (Since version 1.60, there may be more unstable, so we do not provide official website of the download, so after testing stability in the official website will be linked to the relatively stable version of the inconvenience).
What's new:
* Increased of a "stealth Desktop" allows you to use the phone desktop for use under the free choice of the heart function modules, function modules can be supported now, including the heart Fetion SMS, heart contact, iPhone screen saver, heart Call Assistant 1.0, the heart of call records, the heart and heart smart menu dial, but also support the set number of key shortcuts and the hold button to switch tasks, etc. The hold button function; (due to compression operation is still very difficult save, 1.60 deposit areas in the transport version has not yet been improved)
* "Invisible Desktop" In addition to achieving a separate modular applications, also provides a "magic layers" feature, you can achieve on the desktop phone system comes with a stunning free to DIY's magic layer on which you can Place pictures, patterns, decorative icons, WIDGETS (including the weather, clock, desktop information, desktop calendar), etc.. (As the Magic layer technology is not yet mature, so in some mobile phones when switching operation splash screen will appear the phenomenon, please forgive me)
* GGHeart Desktop SMS tips in addition to tips, but also adds a pop-up prompts any interface option;
* Greatly enhance the function of flying letters, you can choose individual choice when the recipient Fetion friends, supporting friends fly to manually update the letter, also sent a letter greatly improved the success rate of flight (recommended cmwap success rate of interconnection will be more high).
* DIY desktop and the desktop component invisible desktop add desktop calendar component;
* Updated the section on call assistant national database;
* Desktop standard first-line support network and the time at the same time display;
* Increased the phone heart is displayed in the task list settings, from the task list can be hidden from the phone heart;
* Press and hold button function to add the option to open the connection manager;
* Optimized set of classification and arrangement of the heart;
* Left and right soft keys and C increase the shortcut key function can be modified.
Nokia 5320, 5700, 6110 Nav, 6120/6121 Classic, 6210 Nav, 6220 Classic, 6290, 6650, N76, N78, N79, N81, N82, N85, N95, N95 8gb, N96, E51, E66.
All credits for providing this app, goes to xAbhi


MMMOOO iConsole v1.0 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x

Emulate the most popular game console's UI! Now you can launch the apps with this start up menu.
Weather widget, Fitness pal(5th os only), Bookmark in icon...and embedded free & premium MMMOOO products at Ovi.
You can add or delete icons as own preference for 3rd part apps, web bookmarks


TrueCaller v1.31 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Signed

TrueCaller shows you who is calling before answering if the number is not saved in contacts! TrueCaller is a mobile caller id in real time! and has now been updated with unique features such as a global call filter which users can improve and SMS Popup, to see a preview of an incoming SMS and who the sender is.
With TrueCaller you can also make manual reverse number lookups in more than 25 countries by entering the phone number.You can also save the contact to your phonebook and see the location on a map.
With the "Update Phonebook"-feature you can update your whole phonebook with missing information such as street, area and zipcode where data is available and it works in more than 25 countries.
- Caller ID lookup on incoming and outgoing calls (New)
- SMS Popup shows you a preview of the incoming SMS and who the sender is (New)
- Call Filter, add numbers to your call filter to be notified when you receive a call from the spammer. TrueCaller notifies you if other users has marked a number as spam. A spam call could be a expensive collect call or a sales company (New)
- Call Blocker, Block incoming calls from numbers in your Call Filter-list (New)
- TweetCaller, notify your friends when you are on the phone on Twitter
- Update Phonebook, update your whole phonebook with missing information such as street, zipcode, area and country where data can be found (Updated and improved)
- Show search result on map (New)
Video Demo:
Changelog: (30/03/2010)
- Improved Call Filter functionality
Now works on all Symbian S60v3 and v5 devices!
TrueCaller is a 14 days trial application in the following countries: Canada, Denmark, Italy, Norway, Sweden, US.


SymbianOn Call Manager v8.10 S60v3/v5

NOTE: After Install Restart your phone then press 654321# to see menu !!
1 Phone call management
* a. Reject all incoming calls. In this mode, all of the incoming call will be automatically rejected. It can be used in the time when a user does not want to be disturbed (for example, when a user is driving a car or having a meeting)
* b. Accept only recognized call. In this mode, all of the unknown calls will be rejected; those recognized calls (names are already stored in the phonebook/contacts) will be not affected.
* c. Reject calls from blacklist.In this mode, all of the calls from the predefined blacklist will be automatically rejected, whereas the rest of the calls will not have any effect. An end user can make use of "Manage Lists" function to create the needed blacklist. This can be used in the situation when a user does not want to be harassed from some people.
* d. Accept call from whitelist. In contrast to the previous one, in this mode, mobile only accept calls from the predefined whitelist. All of the other calls from non-whitelist will be automatically rejected. An end user may use "Manage Lists" function to create the needed whitelist.
* e. Personalized call rejection. In this mode,an end user may define personalized call rejections for each of the members in the "Specific List". A user may select "Reject call", "Reply by SMS" or "Greeting" options to reject calls. A user may use "Manage Lists" to create his/her "Specific list".
2 Hide and Manage SMS
* a. "PCG" can help to manage the SMS messages in the mobile phone to make the needed messages visible or invisible in the "Inbox/Sent" of the Nokia "Messaging" application. In this case, a user can hide the sensitive information even your phone is lost, or the user does not want to share the information with others.
* b. An end user may create his/her "Baby list" using "PCG". Once the "Baby list" has been set up, in the next start-up of "PCG", it will automatically scan all of the existing short messages. If a message is to from the "Baby list", then messages will be automatically hidden. In addition, it can also automatically hide the short messages from "Baby list" if it is running. This will eventually protect the user's privacy since others cannot view the SMS without supplying a correct password. A user can set his/her password in "Active mode". When an SMS from "Baby list" comes in the mobile phone icon on the top-left corner of the screen will keep blinking until the user has entered the "Manage SMS" / "Call Records" area using "PCG".
3 Hide and Manage Phone call log
* All of the phone call records from "Baby list" will be automatically hidden. A user can ONLY view the phone call record by inputting a correct password.
* When a call from one of the member in the "Baby list" comes in, if it is not answered, then a small "mobile phone icon" will keep blinking until the user enters either "Manage SMS" or "Call Records" area with a correct password provided.
4 Phone call recording
&nbspWhenever a call has been establish (in whichever user interface), if a user wants to record the caller's voice (for example, please tell me your phone number or your home address, then I can record it down), the user just simply needs to simultaneously press "ABC" key(on which has a pen icon) and "+" key, "PCG"will automatically invoke the "Recorder" application in S60 to record the telephony voice. As such, t the caller's voice and the user's voice will be recorded simultaneously. A user may the functions from the recorder to "Stop", "Pause" or "Continue" to record the voice. Note:For those S60 phones, which has the "QWERTY" keyboard layout,a user needs to use "CTRL+A" key combination to activate the telephony voice call recording. Currently, Nokia S60 E61 has the keyboard layout.
5 Automatic call rejection
&nbspWhen this function is used, all of the incoming calls will be automatically rejected. If the caller uses a mobile phone to make the call,then the caller may receive a customized SMS message. This is especially useful when a user does not want to be disturbed; however,he/she still wants the caller to get some information about the callee. A user may choose an SMS template like "I am driving call"or "I am having a meeting now, please do not disturb me"as a reply.
6 Automatic removal of the SMS message from the blacklist
&nbspA user may define his/her own "SMS Blacklist". In this case, all of the SMS from the blacklist will be automatically removed when the SMS message come in. This function is very useful when a user does not want to receive those harass SMS messages or advertisement SMS messages.
7 Keyboard autolock
&nbspA user may define a time interval for "Autolock time interval"。When keyboard is not used within the time, then "Call Manager" will help to lock the keyboard automatically.
8 Quick key lock function
&nbspExcept the time when a call is established, no matter whichever user interface a user is currently in, the user may simultaneously press "ABC" key(on which there is a pen)and "+" key to activate the quick key lock function. The benefit of this function is that a user does not to switch to the "Idle screen" in order the lock the keyboard. Another benefit of this function is that it can help us to quickly lock whichever screen. Note:1) For some of the S60 phones, when this quick key lock function is activated, after key lock is deactivated in the active idle screen, a user may not see the left/right soft keys in the screen. If this happens, a user may press any of the numeric keys in the phone to recover this situation, or a user may choose to use the S60 standard way ("left soft key" + "+" key) to activate the key lock function since this ONLY happens in the active idle screen 2) For those S60 phones, which have the "QWERTY" keyboard layout, a user must use "CTRL+A" key combination to activate the telephony voice recording。Currently, Nokia E60 uses the keyboard.
9 File security
&nbspA user may use the left and right soft key to browse the directories in the phone, and the user may choose the files to encrypt or decrypt.
10 Auto start enable
By default, this application is auto-started.
11 It can hide itself in the task manager and don't let the others know.


aNySymb v1.1 S60v3 SymbianOS 9.x Unsigned

aNySymb - small application includes basic logos and special characters. All logos are divided into 10 major categories. When viewing any category is possible to copy the logos to clipboard by pressing OK button.
All logos and characters are in text files, located in directory C:/Data/AnYSymb. File names correspond to the category names. You can edit these text files manually to add or delete any number of logos. The edited file should be saved in Unicode encoding.
What's new:
New icon;
Changed background on white;
Increased maximum number of characters in string;
Fixed small bug;
Added ability to edit the category names (C:/Data/AnYSymb/category.txt).
Important NOTE: Application requires a third-party font with support for logos and special characters!


Ink Weather/Moji Weather v3.0 Beta weather & Clock S60v3

A new version release support HS widget clock, but unfortunately weather services only support China, HK & Taiwan area~~
* 1. Increase three kinds of bell desktop style..
* 2. New skin function
* 3. The temperature is accurate to one decimal.
* 4. Touch-screen iPhone experience into a style that is drag the moving type, the main interface, drag your fingers when you will follow the move, drag it, move where.
* 5. Increased the elastic effect of inertia, drag the edge of the screen will be extended after arrival, and rebound.
* 6. An increase of the multi-city rotation display function, support for auto-rotation and rotation of hanging keys by hand.
* 7. Increases regularly updated features, you can set three time to regularly update.
* 8. Force Feedback effects, click the button and drag there will be varying degrees of force feedback.
* 9. To increase the selection of calling your browser options.
* 10. Increase the temperature display unit of choice: Celsius temperature, Fahrenheit temperature.
* 11. Drag mode is more humane, hold down the desktop programs 0.5 seconds after the switch to enter drag mode. Can be dragged to the desktop is not outside the screen.
* 12. Optimizes the settings to save the format can now manually modify the.
* 13. Optimizes the desktop position adjustment programs, hold down the desktop 0.5s entered the drag mode, drag the desktop in order to avoid misuse problems.
* 14. Optimizes the index page of the menu and operation, more user-friendly.
Bug Fixed:
* 1. Fixed N96, N95, etc. string problem for the desktop models.
* 2. Fixed desktop security software, see the ink display name the wrong question.
* 3. Fixed click on check for updates once after the re-count to check for updates will no longer check the networking problem.
* 4. The main program interface, "update time" to "synchronize time"
* 5. Wang Ping evening forecasting, icons and descriptions do not correspond to the problem
* 6. Fixed theme font color changes, there is no corresponding change in the desktop font color problem.
* 7. Substantially optimize the network layer to update more smoothly when multiple cities.


Opera Mini 5 Final Build 18741

here the last stable opera 5 mini
Key new features:
Tabbed browsing
A visual Speed Dial
Opera Mini now remembers your passwords
A new, easy to use interface, optimized for both touch and keypad phones
A download manager
Opera Link, to keep you synchronized
Key changes from beta 2:
Even more languages!
A Russian virtual keyboard for touch phones
Improved performance on low memory devices
Lots of little bug fixes
Known issues:
Opera Mini 5 is recommended for devices with a QVGA or higher display resolution (320 x 240).
Devices with low memory will struggle with tabbed browsing


Bolt Browser v2.0 Beta S60v3 S60v5

Hey Friends Here is the Latest version of the Bolt Browser v2.0b HandlerUI
Bolt v2.0b FullHandlerUI143 is updated on 28 March by Handler with the fix to be able download with HTTP Proxy.
Bolt v2.0b Lite HandlerUI143 is updated on 30 March..


Digitalfootmark Lock Screen v0.10.64 S60v3/v5 SymbianOS9.x

This will improve the keylock feature greatly in S60 devices.
Currently it has the following features:
* Show the current time and date
* Show the battery status
* Show missed calls
* Show unread messages and emails
* Show bluetooth and WLAN indicators
* Show GPS indicator (works only in S60 3.2 and 5.0 devices)
* Coming soon: Disable blank screen in touch phones, Music status
- Contains only minor fixes and extends the beta period to 1st of June.


UcWeb v7.2.0.46 build 10033015 Beta S60v3/v5 J2ME CN

Browsing Function
Are you bored with a dull WAP site? Are you upset with the blank display in a WAP site? UC Browser will provide a fresh and better change to all these problems on the mobile Internet! With UC Browser, not only you can view WAP site quickly, but the colorful websites smoothly as well in order to enjoy the pleasure of wireless technology thoroughly.
Navigation Function
Wireless is more colorful! Information, entertainment, community, forum, blog, and there are even more from what we can provide. Site navigation service recommends excellent websites and hot sites to you! Click! Click! Click! It’s so easily to access the site. Open the websites you would like to visit quickly so you can view what you like and listen to what you enjoy.
Search Function
Don’t underestimate the massive and extensive information that can be searched on your mobile phone! With UC Browser, you can do it! UC Browser offers various search engines, such as Baidu, Google, Yahoo, and other popular ones to satisfy your desire of searching the whole Internet. UC Browser supports searching by categorization, such as by web pages, music, pictures, maps, and other methods.
Media Function
Online media playback function is available in UCWEB 6.3. You may watch the hottest TV channels and the splendid original video clips, as well as listen to the latest popular songs on your phone with UC Browser 6.3.
Download Function
Beautiful pictures! High quality MP3s! Characteristic phone ring tones! UC Browser allows you to get what you want and all you want. The powerful download function makes your download easily, in which makes you save time and cost. UC Browser’s download function supports large file downloads and the file resume functions for continuous downloading, which adopts the data compression technique to reduce the data traffic flow.
Personal Data Management
Did you ever regret that you cannot save the websites and web pages that you like? Is there not enough available storage space for storing pictures, MP3s, videos, and games? Do you lose your valuable data when you change your mobile phone? Don’t worry! UC Browser will resolve these problems for you! It offers services such as bookmarks and favorites, so users can save down websites that are regularly browsed or useful for future reference easily in mobile phone or in PC. The mobile phone file storage space is the bridge of PC and mobile phone, by which allowing you to access your pictures, MP3s, videos, and games easily.
RSS Subscription Function
With a mobile phone, the latest hot Internet information can be subscribed! With RSS news subscription function you can subscribe RSS seeds, manage the RSS resources, and then freely read the updated details in RSS. You can login directly in your mobile phone, or open to subscript the RSS seeds.
Shortcut Key Application
With the shortcut key function, it makes the whole operation process of UC Browser convenient and efficient. You can assemble shortcut keys with single key or double keys, and setup shortcut key by yourself. The customized service fully allows you to enjoy the pleasure of using wireless technology.
Release date: 30-03-2010
Change log: no change log


Alon Software Contact Guide Pro v1.14 S60v3/v5 SymbianOS9.x

ALON Contact Guide PRO for S60 3rd/5th Edition is a professional contact manager with call manager included. The application offers full set of actions with contacts: quick contacts search, dialing, sending SMS, MMS or e-mail, opening web-browser, adding and editing contacts, categories support, customization of contacts list and many other.
Call manager allows managing incoming phone calls and choosing individual approach to different calling persons. It will mute the ringer, send busy tone, send SMS, accept the call, play personalized greeting and record message of calling person.
Please, note that if you have ALON Contact Guide for S60 3rd Edition installed at your phone you need to uninstall it before installation of ALON Contact Guide PRO for S60 3rd/5th Edition.
# Extended search by letters
# Russian virtual keyboard
# Search by "blank"
# Support touch screen phones
# Auto start option added.
# The option of assigning "Mute" to incoming phone calls.
# The opportunity to make the application system.
# All actions with contacts: quick contacts search, dialing, sending SMS, MMS or e-mail, opening web-browser , adding and editing contacts, support of categories, etc.
# Quick contacts search: you may quickly find the required contact even if your phone book contains thousands of contacts.
# The detailed contact list contains four tabs: Main, Notes, Photo and Call settings.
# Support full-screen photos and thumbnails.
# Customize personal settings: you may make your contacts list looks like you want. Application allows changing colors, font size, sorting contacts by first name, last name and company.
# Customize detailed contact list: you may select the contacts' personal information to be shown.
# Call manager gives opportunity to manage your incoming phone calls and assign different actions such as "Send busy", "Mute", "Reply by SMS", "Answer immediately", "Autoresponder", "None" to call groups and to contacts.
# You can create different Profiles to save special settings and activate them according to time.
# For the touch screen phones the option Mute is not supported for the time being.
# Global search: find the contact by any personal information: first and last names, company, job title, phone, note, e-mail, URL, etc. Just enter several symbols from any word or number.
# Language independent search - the fastest way to find the contact entry.
# Main search helps to find the required contact by first/last name or by company - it uses information from the main contact list and it is the analogue of T9 search.
# Managing contacts database. Backup your contacts database, restore contacts, delete contacts, compress your database and find information about the quantity of contacts, number of contacts groups and used memory.
# Send any contact or category: you can select any contact or a category to be sent via SMS, MMS, Bluetooth, IR connection.
# Set preferred number: select a number for each contact which will appear at the top of detailed contact list.
# An opportunity of creating a new contact in a certain category.
# Auto start option.
# The opportunity to make the application system.
# Backup/restore the contacts, you may compress you contact base to keep it small and get contacts database information.
# The opportunity of reading and editing notes from the detailed contact list.
# Page/line scrolling of contacts list by Joystick.


BTReceiver v1.01 S60v3 PreFP1 & FP1

when you want to transfer anything through bluetooth just open this application and not your bluetooth icon..
it will ask you to receive a file through bluetooth and when you press yes it will ask you where to save the file ie on C or E..
So now if your sending very large apps games or whatever you want too it CAN! now be sent to your memory card! This version is translated & Tested by myself StyXSIS & it works!


Nimbuzz v2.03 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Signed

The best way to become More Mobile!
Be online available on the go
Chat with your friends
Start an online buddy Call
Send text messages
Send photo's, video's and files

Stay in touch: Join your friends online. Whenever you have something on your mind. Show them your mood, presence, location or start communicating with them.
Save Money: Instead of calling minutes, Nimbuzz uses the internet to let you make free international calls to your buddies.
Friends or family not online...? No problem. Buy NimbuzzOut credits to call landlines and mobile phones against low rates. Saves you a lot of money on international calling!
Locate your Friends: Share your location and retrieve the location of your buddies on a map. Great for arranging face to face meetings.
Never lose your Contacts: Use the Phonebook to back up and restore your contacts. Contacts will be backed up online. Comes in handy when you have lost your mobile phone.
Changelog: (30/03/2010)
Here are brand new features in the Nimbuzz for Symbian v2.3:
* New call screen " with the display picture of your contact and with more information about the call
* Mute the microphone during calls
* In the twitter tab the "#hashtag" is a link - this will 0pen a Twitter search about that term directly by clicking on the #hashtag
* DTMF for touch screen mobiles " touch-keypad to dial a number and keypad for in-call DTMF tones
* Disable display pictures in chatrooms
* Support for WAP access points and other limited access points
* Also fixed a lot of bugs


PhoneTorch v2.0.2

PhoneTorch provides functionality to use your smartphone as a torch/flashlight and for Morse signaling. It supports both, the phone's LCD screenlight, and the phone's flash LEDs (video light) as light sources.
Features of PhoneTorch 2.0
* Light sources: flash LED and LCD screen, can be independently controlled
* Improved speed *NEW*
* Light intensity control of LCD screen *NEW*
* Emitted color selection of LCD screen *NEW*
* Autostart when phone is turned on *NEW*
* Run PhoneTorch in background *NEW*
* Switch light on/off with special keys (e.g. camera button) even if keys are locked *NEW*
* Optional sound when light is turned on/off *NEW*
* Restore PhoneTorch state when restarted
* Improved user interface
* Morse code (e.g. SOS)
11-03-2010: v2.0.2
- 5th ed.: fixed panic 66 on exit
- 3rd ed.: fixed light bulb icon animation
- 3rd ed.: now middle key changes main states instead of calling options menu
- 3rd ed.: red/blue light is turned off now
- 3rd ed.: fixed sound
05-03-2010: v2.0.1
- Performance improvements
- Enable/disable camera key when keyboard is locked
- Fixed settings dialog
23-02-2010: v2.0.0
- Initial release


Nuance TALKS Premium v5.0.3 S60v3/v5 SymbianOS9.x

Talks is able to read settings screens, menu structures, text messages, phone book entries and many of the features and functions of the handset. The user can edit settings and entries with ease, and the software promotes an intuitive simplistic approach to the use of the device.
Talks Features :
* Automatic caller ID announcement
The caller ID for incoming calls can be announced after a specified number of seconds.
If caller ID announcement is on, the caller ID can be repeated with a specified interval, until a call is taken or rejected.
* Automatic SMS read-out
Read-out of incoming text messages can be turned on or off.
When text message read-out is on:
Incoming text messages are automatically opened and read-out.
After the read-out, a dialogue asks whether the read-out should be repeated.
* Application-Specific Settings
User can Define a set of options to be different for any specific application.
Default are global settings.
* Unprecedented Feature/Function Accessibility
* Audio feedback when writing or reading text messages, emails, and notes
* Automatic or manual Caller ID announcement
* Network, battery, and other status indicators read out
* Spelling speed setting
Allows the user to define different speech rates for normal read-out and spelling text.
* Various options for reading numbers
Numbers longer than four digits can now be read as single digits, double digits, or whole numbers.
* Echo mode
An independent setting allows the user to turn on a special key echo mode for those who like to use the T9 dictionary when entering text.
* Echo Passwords mode
Allows the user to hear the letters entered into a password field.
* TALKS Key Timeout and TALKS Mode Timeout
Allows the user to set a timeout for cases where the TALKS key is pressed accidentally, and allow to repeat a command or even execute different commands without Pressing the TALKS key again.
* Hear caller ID information
* Software only, no additional hardware is needed.
* Voice Familiarity for Increased User Comfort
* Nuance TALKS leverages ETI-Eloquence TTS software— used in popular desktop screen readers—making many users feel instantly familiar with the voice they hear for speech output.
* Control over volume and speaking rate
* Supports many third-party applications
* Supports IM+ (Instant Messenger) [S60], the Wayfinder GPS application [S60], and the Slovoed dictionary [S60 and S80].
Target Customers
* Blind persons and those with severe visual impairments
* Low-vision and seniors (combined with Nuance ZOOMS™)
* Users with needs for eyes-free operation of handset
Supported Platforms Nuance TALKS is available for operation of many mobile phones running the
Nuance TALKS Premium Edition for Symbian Series 60
* Nuance TALKS Version 3.x Standard Edition
* Nuance TALKS screen reader, same installer and binaries for the Standard and Premium Editions
* A TTS engine
Key Benefits
* Provides speech output of text displayed on a mobile phone to allow blind or visually impaired users to benefit from the full functionality of the device.
* Uses state-of-the-art text-to-speech (TTS) technology with adjustable volume and speaking rate for maximum intelligibility.
* Allows to customize the pronunciation of words or abbreviations with a user dictionary.
* Enhances application accessibility by allowing the user to label icons.
* Shows the structure of the display content with the Object Viewer.
* Optionally automates the read-out of the caller ID and text messages.
* Provides access to mobile phone functionality by linking with supported Braille input/output devices via a Bluetooth® connection.
* Integrates with the screen magnification capabilities of Nuance ZOOMS™ for low-vision users.

Free Download


Mobileways Gravity v1.30.6359 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x

Gravity is the first fully-featured and native Twitter client for the S60 platform. It supports multiple accounts, Twitter Search, Laconica,, posting of pictures via MobyPicture & TwitPic and wraps everything into a gorgeous looking interface.
Overview of Gravity's Features:
* Compatible with Twitter and Laconica
* All functions available on your S60 phone: tweet, reply, retweet, DM, follow & unfollow, block, create favourites, search, auto-update and many more
* Tabbed view of your Timeline, Replies, Messages, Friends,
* Profile View to see information about a Twitter User
* Configurable Audio Alerts for Timeline/Replies/DM s & Searches
* Auto-Connect to any Access Point and Auto-Fallback to WLAN
* Setup and use as many accounts as you want at the same time
* Group support for creating custom tabs with user-defined filters
* Post URLs from tweets to or Instapaper
* Twitter-Search section with multiple search tabs and Twitter Trends
* Post pictures to MobyPicture, TwitPic, TwitGoo, Posterous, Yfrog or
* Preview pictures from MobyPicture, TwitPic, TwitGoo,, Yfrog and
* support by simply sending "p message" or "p #group message"
* Open URLs from any Tweet
* Kinetic scrolling on S60v5 ( Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97 )
* Theme support ( fixed dark and bright theme )
* Full-Screen mode
* Includes a Homescreen Widget for the Nokia N97
* Built-in auto-update function and beta access for testing the latest features
Uploaded #Gravity 1.30 Build 6359 (hotfix) with Foursquare "silent check-in" & badge fix and Twitter "delete DM" fix


ALON Software MP3 Dictaphone v2.97 S60v3/v5 SymbianOS9.x

ALON MP3 Dictaphone supports S60 3rd and 5th Edition phones and consists of four components:
* Audio player supports MP3, OGG, AAC/MP4/M4A, WMA, AMR, WAV music formats, 3-Band Parametric Equalizer, hot buttons, M3U playlists, bookmarks, sleep timer and many other.
* Voice dictaphone - the first high-quality MP3 dictaphone which supports AMR and WAV audio formats also. You may easily turn your smartphone into advanced digital dictaphone and start to record lectures, conversations, interviews and then send the records to your PC.
* Phone calls recorder records phone calls without beeps in MP3, AMR and WAV formats. You'll to save lots of memory space by keeping your records in MP3 - the most popular audio format.
* Internet radio
* MP3, OGG, AAC/MP4/M4A, WMA, AMR, WAV music formats.
* High-quality stereo playback.
* Handy playlist management - you may quickly add track or folder, remove, load, save or delete playlist.
* M3U playlists support. You may both use Winamp playlists and use playlists created at your phone at Winamp player.
* Pause and resume playback during/after incoming calls. You can keep listening to music.
* Organize your own music library by creating the folders with your favorite tracks.
* Sleep timer switch off the player after selected time.
* An advanced 3-Band Parametric Equalizer gives opportunity to adjust playback as you like. Application saves your presettings for equalizer.
* Bookmarks support.
* Save lots of memory space by keeping your recordings in MP3 format.
* MP3, AMR and WAV formats are supported.
* Three types of gain control: automatic, manual and you may choose one of four positions of microphone gain before recording.
* Manage you records: move, rename, delete and send your files.
* You may add record to the end of the files.
* MP3, AMR and WAV audio formats are supported.
* NO BEEP recordingTwo types of phone calls recording: automatic and manual.
* You may see the list of recorded phone calls in special folder.
* Application gives opportunity to send the files via multimedia, Infrared or Bluetooth.
* The application doesn't support phone calls recording for Samsung Omnia HD i8910.
* You may sign all actions such as play, stop, pause, forward rewind, back rewind, on/off equalizers, switching between playlist and equalizer, add bookmark to hardware buttons.
Whats New :
* Improved recording for N95-8
* Support new phonesHandle media buttons
* Supported loading .pls lists
* Autostart
* Button mapping in a background
* Improved Internet Radio
* Improved 5800 and N97 usability
* Support reading WAV format from PC
* 5800 XPressMusic support
* The bugs fixed for some phones


Brown Bear Software GuitarTuner v1.10 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x

GuitarTuner is a program running on Symbian S60 3rd generation smart phones like NOKIA N95 (complete list see at the bottom of the page).
Like a standalone instrument tuner it is able to analyze a tone of a guitar (or nearly every other
instrument) and show the note and the mistuning using a pointer and bar display. In addition (which not
standard for other tuners) this software shows the input level.

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