FineWS 2.3.5 S60v3/v5 SymbianOS9x Signed

FineWS 2.3.5 S60v3 S60v5 SymbianOS9x Signed {Mobile Web Server for Fine Mobile Web}

FineWS (First Into Next Epoch Web Server - the first in a new era of web servers) that turns Symbian-smartphones into full-fledged web server with the possibility of installing a content management system based on the popular CSM-type platforms, Joomla, etc.
In addition to the Web server software and content management system for smartphones based on Symbian operating system and hardware platform Nokia S60, developers of Goldenpack provided another essential component for the withdrawal of handheld Web servers World Wide Web. Service under the name provides registered users with a kind of dynamic name service DNS, so that the web server on your smartphone will be visible from the Internet address type 'username'. ».
Platform FineWS, despite the hardware limitations, can perform server-side scripting language PHP. For the construction of dynamic pages to this web server developers offer a choice of open-content management systems - Joomla, Pluck, LotusCMS, etc. All are available directly on the site developers.
Of course, curious users can find thousands of ways to use handheld web server. To the delight of fans of Nokia and platform S60, Goldenpack company is preparing to release another application - database for S60 called FineDB. Also scheduled for release version of the web server FineWS apparatus for Apple iPhone, if you are interested company Apple. The only significant disadvantage for products Goldenpack a complete closure of the sources: that will make these programs on your smartphone - It is not known.
! When you first start the program will ask about the availability of your registered account (UserID), and if one is not, offer to create a UserID.
Then go into Options -> CMS -> Install and select the one proposed by CMS (in the list of about seven, there is even a forum), set, go to the address 'username'. (where 'username' is your UserID ), a customizable engine.
When installing FineWS also installed libraries PIPS and Open C SSL


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