GL Asphalt 4 : Elite Racing HD Java Game

Face the world's richest drivers in high-speed races through traffic. Experience amazing 3D graphics and a unique feeling of speed. Choose from 10 dream cars and bikes from the world's most prestigious manufacturers, such as Ferrari and Bugatti, and zoom through the streets of Monte Carlo, New York, Shanghai, Paris, Dubai, and Beverly Hills to make your mark. Check your rides in your own garage and spend millions to tune them. The police await you in each city with roadblocks and helicopters to try and seize your expensive toy. Can you become the ultimate VIP of urban racing?

- 10 dream cars & bikes including the Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari F430 Spider, Nissan GT-R, Ducati 1098;
- Race in 6 of the world's hottest cities: Monte Carlo, Beverly Hills, Shanghai, NYC, Dubai, Paris;
- Amazing 3D graphics providing breathtaking speed sensations;
- Tune your rides in your own luxury garage;
- Enjoy 5 extreme racing modes such as cop chase, drift, and beat'em all;
- Adapt your driving style to the weather conditions: Can you control your car under heavy rain?

Samsung i8510 InnoV8 (S60v3 240x320)

Samsung G810 (S60v3 240x320)

Nokia E71 (S60v3 320x240)

Nokia 6220 Classic (S60v3 240x320)
Nokia 6210 Navigator (S60v3 240x320)
Nokia N79 (S60v3 240x320)
Nokia N85 (S60v3 240x320)
Nokia E71 (S60v3 320x240)


PAC-MAN Championship Edition S60v3 Java Game

The No.1 Arcade game of all time has been given the next gen treatment complete with Hi-Res graphics and 6 new game modes.Race against the clock, eat the PAC pellets and avoid the ghosts. New features include a maze in the dark, a breakneck speed mode and a maze that changes shape. Upload your high score to the global leader board for the chance be crowned PAC-MAN Champion.

READ MORE AND DOWNLOAD v1.3.32 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x is the simplest kind of mobile TV in video quality experience.
With users experiencing successful TV formats and popular Videocasts updated daily and the best quality on your phone.
Here, each (r) User (in) his own program:
Profile of current TV offerings and Videocast create your own program and daily on the mobile phone can send.
Once registered, always delivers the latest consequences of their own as soon as a program with the mobile Internet is (WLAN, UMTS, GPRS, HSDPA, etc.). Quite simply and without any downloading or streaming. is content aggregator and distributor of technical video and TV content on mobile phones, and offers advertisers access to mobile audiences. is a service of the mando.TV GmbH mando.TV GmbH was founded in early 2007 and has its headquarters in Berlin. In mando.TV Ltd. are inter alia the VC Fonds Berlin and bmp Media Investors AG & Co. KGaA involved.
Preferences Min battery
You can figure the percentage of battery level set at which the automatic transmission is no longer running. For example, at 100% transmission only for fully attached battery or charger executed.
Min free space
With this setting you lay out how much space on the memory card to be released. Your program requires more space than you have set here, all the clips are not transferred.
Automatic transmission
You can program the automatic transmission off and on.
FSK16 Filter
These settings, you can only change portal.
Show Help
Here you can specify whether the help with the program start is displayed.
New Clips PopUp View
Here you can specify whether a popup is displayed when new clips have been transferred. The popup is displayed only if the standby or the screen saver application is running in the foreground.


vHome Desktop v2.67 Personalized S60v3 Desktop

Desktop navigation is a free personalized mobile desktop software, a software integration of many ultra-functional.
1. Can be found directly on the desktop Baidu, Google search,mp3search, such as bus map
2. Can watch the weather forecast on your desktop, updated regularly every day.
3.Can display news on your desktop, and there was a 100 channel optional web, covering news, entertainment, finance, sports, digital, English, military and automobile. Default set up an hour to download news headlines, traffic is very save. can be set ucweb,bring their own browser, Opera, navigator, such as any browser to view news.
4. Can be updated directly on the desktop mesh state school, Record Net Writing fun. At any time to share feelings with friends feel.
5. Integrated Smart dialing only three keys can quickly find any contact with the cellphoneand software. Only on the desktop according to the figure corresponds to each letter button.
6. Left the default desktop for the start menu, can be replaced by intelligent assissistants.
To set up multi-level menu, more commonly used software can also be sorted, fast access.
7. Can be displayed on the desktop and the Lunar holiday information; Net may amend the standard
8. Desktop Right-default as a "common" functions, statistical analysis will automatically contact you the most frequently used procedures, the most rapid access.
What's the New:
Resolved the memo can not be displayed in previous version
Re-develop "Settings" function
Add a new switch prompts which for installed the software/games
Fix numerous other bug


Nokia Messaging v9.05.72 S60v3 Pre-FP1, FP1 and FP2

What is Nokia Messaging?
Nokia Messaging makes mobile email easy and mobilizes consumer email across a range of Nokia S60 devices. Nokia Messaging enables users to quickly set up, access, and use their email on their Nokia devices through a service that is optimized for mobile email.
What's new in this release of Nokia Messaging?
Support for Windows Live Hotmail email addresses
Support for HTML-formatted emails
Advanced email server settings configuration on
Support for 18 S60 devices in 17 languages
Client and service performance improvements
How much does Nokia Messaging cost?
Nokia Messaging is currently provided on a trial basis. In the future, consumers will be able to acquire Nokia Messaging through an operator plan. You may incur charges in connection with the transfer and receipt of data to your mobile phone and may not be included in your flat data rate plan. Please contact your operator to know how much you will be charged.
How much does the Nokia Messaging cost when I am roaming?
Because data transfer costs may apply, you may choose to suspend email delivery when you leave your network area to prevent unexpected charges. Sync while roaming is disabled by default. Follow the below steps if you want to enable email delivery outside your network area.
To enable email delivery while roaming:
Select the Edit Settings icon from the Nokia Messaging client on your Nokia phone.
Select When to Sync.
Set Sync While Roaming to On.
Consult your operator for more information about data transfer costs.
How do I set up Nokia Messaging on my Nokia phone?
To sign up for Nokia Messaging, you need:
An existing Internet email account
A data service plan with your operator
A supported Nokia phone
Nokia Messaging software installed on your Nokia phone
Click here to sign up. To ensure reliable delivery of the Installation SMS, Nokia Messaging sends two text messages. You can use either text message to download and install Nokia Messaging.
Does my phone already have Nokia Messaging?
Depending on the model and/or firmware version of your Nokia device, you may have Nokia Messaging preloaded on your device. If you are in a country where Nokia Messaging is available, the E-Mail setup application on your phone will setup your email address within Nokia Messaging. As an alternative, you can sign up for Nokia Messaging at
Why do I have to give you my mobile number?
Your phone number is required to send your phone a text message (SMS) with a link to the Nokia Messaging software. The link in the text message lets you download and install the software directly on your phone.
Nokia does not use your mobile number except in accordance with our Service Terms and Privacy Policy.
Why do I have to give you my email password?
Nokia Messaging automatically fetches your email messages from your email account as new email arrives. To access your email, Nokia Messaging needs your user name and password.
Nokia does not use your password except in accordance with our Service Terms and Privacy Policy.
What if I am already receiving email on my phone?
Nokia Messaging can run on your Nokia phone alongside most other email solutions without any problems.
However, if you are using Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite, you must uninstall this product before using Nokia Messaging.
To uninstall Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite:
Select the Menu button on your Nokia phone.
Select Installations.
Highlight the Intellisync icon.
Select Options> Remove.
How am I notified of incoming email in Nokia Messaging?
When a new email arrives, you are notified with the email alert tone and/or vibration, and the @ sign appears in the menu bar. E-Series devices also display the subjects of the latest received messages on the home screen.
Can anyone intercept and read my email as it travels over the wireless network?
No. Your email is encrypted through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) as it travels over the wireless network, to prevent unauthorized access.
Can I receive calls on my mobile phone when I am receiving email?
Yes. You can make and receive phone calls while Nokia Messaging is running.
How do I add or remove IMAP folders to sync?
Log into your account on
Select the Edit settings link next to an email address for which you would like to sync additional folders. If the email account uses the IMAP protocol, you can select more folders to sync.
Select the folders you would like to sync and save your changes.
Flag a message for follow up?
In the inbox highlight the message you want to flag.
Select Options and navigate to More
Choose Follow up and your message will be flagged.
How do I view HTML email in Nokia Messaging?
Messages with HTML formatting will be automatically displayed in Nokia Messaging. If there are images in the email you want to view, click on Show Graphics in the header of the email. HTML formatted emails use more data, please be aware that you may incur charges from your operator in connection with the transfer and receipt of data to your mobile phone. You can change the setting so that emails open as plain text by default. HTML emails can be viewed only on S60 Feature Pack 1 and Feature Pack 2 devices.
To request another SMS message with the link to the Nokia Messaging software:
Log in to your account on
Select Install now.
Enter the phone number of the Nokia phone on which you want to have Nokia Messaging. Two new SMS text messages are sent to the phone number you entered. You can use either text message to download and install Nokia Messaging.
How do I add or remove an email address on
To add an email address:
Log into your account on
Under My email addresses, select Add another.
Enter the email address and password.
Select Next.
To remove an email address:
Log into your account on
Under My email addresses, select Remove for the address you want to remove.
On the next page, select Remove again.
How do I add or remove an email address on my Nokia phone?
To add an email address:
From the Email launcher screen on your device, select Options.
Select Add mailbox.
To remove an email address:
From the Email launcher screen on your device, select the Settings icon.
Scroll to the account you want to remove.
Select Options-Remove mailbox.
Select Yes.
How do I change the password to my Nokia Messaging account?
To change the password to your Nokia Messaging account:
Log in to your account on
Under My Nokia Messaging account, select Change next to Password.
Enter your old password and your new password.
Select Save password.
How do I update the password for an email address I use with Nokia Messaging?
If you change the password to an email address with your email service provider, you need to update the password in the email address settings of your Nokia Messaging account so that you continue to receive email from that address.
To change the password for an email address:
Log in to your account on
Under My email addresses, select Edit settings for the address you want to change.
On the next page, click the Change password button.
On the next page, enter the new password.
Select Save changes.
How do I stop receiving email on my mobile phone?
To temporarily stop email delivery on your phone:
Open the Email launcher screen on your device.
Select Options.
Select Offline.
I am having trouble setting up email on my Nokia device.
Nokia Messaging allows you to set up your email address on your Nokia device using only your email address and password. In some cases, the settings configuration process is unable to determine the settings for your email provider and requires additional information. If you encounter an error setting up your email on your Nokia device, go to on your computer to create a new account or add an email address to your existing Nokia Messaging account.
I have not received the SMS message yet. What do I do?
To request another text message with the link to the Nokia Messaging software:
Log in to your account on
Select Install now.
Enter the phone number of the Nokia phone on which you want to have Nokia Messaging. A new message is sent to the number you entered.
If you're having trouble receiving the SMS message, you can use the Web browser on your phone to directly download the software.
On your phone's web browser, go to:
Select the button to download the Nokia Messaging software.
Follow the instructions on the phone to download and install the software.
Enter your email address and password.
Select Automatic if asked how you want your mail delivered.
If you are unable to receive the text message and are in a country where Nokia Messaging has not launched, your email will be automatically setup within the S60 Messaging application on your device and not in the Nokia Messaging client.
How far back in time can I save my email using Nokia Messaging?
You can store email messages for up to one month with Nokia Messaging. Those messages are stored in the device memory of your phone, so you may wish to change the amount of stored messages in the settings on your device.
Go to the Email launcher
Select the Settings icon.
Select What to sync.
Select Inbox.
Select Remove older than and change to desired value.
When you initially set up Nokia Messaging you will receive email from the last three days, then automatic delivery of new email will begin. Old email is stored to the value you set in the Settings menu.
I can't sign up with my Google Apps email address
You may need to authenticate with Google's system before you can sign up for Nokia Messaging. To do this:
On the computer you're using now, go to, where "" is your own domain name.
Enter the requested information (email user name and password, plus the letters in the distorted picture).
Now on this computer, begin the Nokia Messaging sign up process again.
I set up my Nokia Messaging account with my Windows Live Hotmail email address, but I am not receiving any email.
Windows Live Hotmail requires the latest Nokia Messaging phone software. You may be using an older version of the software. Point your phone browser to and download the software from there. After you install the new version, the Nokia Messaging software will automatically launch. Click the Sync button to begin receiving your Windows Live Hotmail.
My mobile phone displays an error message about not being able to connect to the Internet. What do I do?
Your access point may be incorrectly defined or your mobile phone may be out of network coverage. An access point is a setting your mobile phone uses to connect to the Internet. You can change what access point Nokia Messaging uses within the Settings.
Ensure that your phone is within network coverage and that your access points are correctly defined. If necessary, you can download new access points from the Settings (in the Tools folder) on your phone.
I get an error message when I try to get my email on my mobile phone in another country. What does this mean?
Nokia Messaging requires Internet connectivity. Most often this error is due to the fact that your operator does not have roaming agreements with operators in that country.
I am not getting email on my mobile phone any more. What do I do?
If your account is active and you are not receiving email on your mobile phone, check for the following circumstances:
You may have changed the password for your Internet service provider email address. If so, you must update the Nokia Messaging settings for this email address with your new password. Email messages will then be delivered to your phone. To update your email address password, log in to your Nokia Messaging account. Under My email addresses, select Edit settings. Click Change password, enter the new password, and then select Save changes.
The server for your email address is down. For more information, contact your email service provider.
You may have inadvertently changed a setting in your Nokia Messaging account. Log in to your account to determine whether your information needs to be updated.
My question was not answered here.
If you need help with Nokia Messaging, please visit Nokia Support and select Contact Us.
This app is multilanguage!


Bolt v1.04 S60v3 J2ME

Bolt v1.04 S60v3 J2ME-Browser with Streaming Video,Flash,Split Screen View

Full PC-style browsing on all types of mobile phones
Web content is never reformatted, repurposed or removed
Loads pages faster than competing mobile browsers
Patented navigation and display technologies get you where youre going faster
23:1 over the air data reduction speeds delivery of pages to your phone
Consumes 1/3 of the battery power of other mobile browsers
Bitstream, the makers of ThunderHawk mobile browser for Windows Mobile, has released the private beta of their free WebKit-based mobile browser, BOLT, for Java J2ME/MIDP 2.0 compatible mobile devices. It offers full PC style browsing similiar to SkyFire mobile browser. However, unlike Skyfire, which is compatible only with Windows Mobile and Symbian devices, BOLT supports a lot many devices due to support for Java.
Key features of BitStream BOLT include:
- WebKit based rendering engine
- WebPages are compressed at a rate of 23:1
- ECMA Script 262 JavaScript support for Web site forms, applications and other information
- View AJAX pages that are written using ECMA-262/JavaScript 1.5 standard
- Supports WAP 1.x content WML, and WAP 2.x content XHTML-MP with WCSS and ECMAScript-MP
- Automatic detection for RSS feeds
- Supports streaming Flash videos
- Split screen browsing - 2/3 of the screen shows the full page, serving as a mini-map with a highlighting box, while the other 1/3 shows the magnified area
- URL auto-complete
- Detect phone numbers for Click to Call
Change Log :
* Enhanced Favorites management – rearrange your Favorite entries using the 'Grab' feature
* Ability to disable images in Web pages for even faster page load speeds and reduced data cost
* Cyrillic language and font support, including extensible server-based language pack support
* Inline text entry. This means you can type text directly into Web forms and Web pages.
* Support for copy-paste
* Rich text rendering with support for Bold and Italic text formatting
* Support for Socket transfer protocol
* Automatic detection of device security capabilities; HTTPS is disabled and BOLTs lightweight encryption is used if the device does not support HTTPS security mechanism
* Page information dialog to view detailed information on the Web page you are viewing
* Built-in bug reporting dialog in BOLT help
* Non JSR-75 Build for BB platforms
* A new RSS list dialog that categorizes feeds for easy viewing
* Enhanced inline frame scrolling
* BlackBerry-specific settings confirmation improvement for Preferences page
* Improved split-screen rendering that utilizes faster and more optimized scaling algorithms
* Improved support for file upload feature
* Improved one click BOLT dialog scrolling
* Improved page Stop feature
* Improved page load speeds


iMatte - Symbian 5th Themes

Nice themes in iphone style by dsma for nokia 5800 and N97


FolderPlay v1.0 S60v3/v5

FolderPlay (Open Source) is an audio application for Symbian OS, that gapplessly plays back a subset of the directory structure with orientation on lossless formats and supports the following audio file types: WAV, LPCM, FLAC, APE/MAC, AC3, MP3.


Tangram v1.4 S60v3 240x320 Java Game

!TANGRAM is an old Chinese tiling puzzle consisting of 7 geometric pieces (tans) - 2 small, 1 medium and 2 large size isosceles triangles, 1 square and 1 parallelogram. The objective is to form a specific shape using all 7 pieces, which may not overlap. Start playing !Tangram and you'll soon discover that's anything but simple, but with a bit of analytical thinking and visualization you will get a feel for the hidden solutions ... enjoy!
This !Tangram version is optimized for 240x320 and 320x240 pixel displays.
* More than 300 challenges divided between 5 categories:
people, animals, buildings, alphanumeric and other shapes
* Create and store your own puzzles
* Animated tutorial
* Slideshow
* Supports portrait & landscape orientation
* Easy operating
* Languages: English, German
* First choose a category like 'People', browse with navigation keys and select a particular puzzle.
* 'Form shape' stars a new game.
* Keys 1 to 7 select and highlight a particular tan, 8 selects all tans simultaneously.
* Key 9 enables/disables tan marking (numbering and border).
* Use navigation keys to move and position the selected tan.
* Selection key or * turns selected tan 22.5° clockwise.
* Choose 'Flip' or # to flip the parallelogram.
* All your solutions are permanently stored until cleared with 'Restart shape' or 'Reset all shapes'.
* Create and permanently store your own shapes in 'My Tangrams'.


AllWords S60v3 240x320 Java Game

AllWords is a very famous puzzle game borned in Turkey. The game is named as "The Game of the Century" by its players.
The objective of the game is to find all possible English words in the limited time using 8 letters given. You will receive extra bonus points at the end of each level and will start to a new one. You can save your score to the built-in high scores table and also you can upload them to internet to show your language skill in the worldwide competition.
Allwords is the most impressive game of the century with his great community. Brought to you by Mobile Entertainment Studios.
You can see Hall of Fame (Top 100 scores) of Allwords at mobile games section of the official website of Mobile Entertainment Studios.


SkyeText v1.02 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x

Do you want to add some excitement to your SMS/Text messaging?
SkyeText allows you to add rich colour graphics to your SMS messaging!
Easy to use: SkyeText will automatically change all regular SMS text emotions received and sent to a rich graphic format. These graphic emoticons are displayed within the SMS message.
SkyeText will only work on handsets that have the SkyeText application installed. See the examples below:
Example #1 - SMS to a friend with SkyeText installed:
* User A (A): has SkyeText installed.
* User B (B): has SkyeText installed.
* A sends an SMS to B.
* While A is typing the SMS message, SkyeText emoticons can be added into the message. The emoticons will show as rich graphics on A's device while creating the SMS.
* B will receive the message from A as an SMS with rich graphics included in the message.
* If B replies to A, he/she can insert rich graphics while creating the SMS.
* A will receive the message from B. All emotion key combinations used by B will be displayed as SkyeText emoticons.
Example #2 - SMS to a friend without SkyeText installed:
* Same as above, except B does not have SkyeText installed.
* A: user experience the same as in Example #1 (above)
* B: Because B does not have SkyeText installed, B will receive messages from A as a regular SMS message. No graphics will show. All emoticons used by A will be shown as traditional SMS emotions e.g


Solitaire S60v3 240x320 Java Game


The aim of the game is to sort all the cards on the playing area into 4 piles- Ace stakes (placed on the top of the playing area). Each pile can consist just of same colour cards and the cards must build increasing series on the Ace stakes . When sorting cards a player is supposed to build decreasing series of alternated colours cards at the bottom. For movement use 2, 4, 6 and 8 for taking a card and for laying down a card use 5. By clicking twice on a card with the button 5, the card will be automatically moved from the bottom to Ace stakes (if this card is the following one in the increasing series).


Treasure Arm 240x320 Java Game

Treasure Arm, nominated for ' Best Casual Game ' award at a prestigious IMGA 2007 contest is an addictive and charming Game that once you start, you won't want to stop! Rotate artificial arm to grab the key and navigate to the other corner of the screen in order to unlock an access to the next, more challenging level!
Challenge yourself in the ´ Treasure Arm an addictive game that will keep you busy for hours! Rotate artificial arm to grab the key and navigate to the other corner of the screen in order to unlock an access to the next, more challenging level!
Player controls artificial arm to pick up the key on the one side of level and then navigate to the Nlocki placed on the other side. Player may spend earned credits in a workshop to improve arm's performance: make it faster, stronger or more accurate.


Mixed Transparent 240x235 Wallpaper Pack

Transparent 240×235 wallpaper pack by kingwicked


Leather Seat - QVGA Themes

Feature :
Shiny icon pack from myself
QVGA Themes for 240×320 screensize
Added 500 third icon
Working for fp1, fp2 phones ( except E71 & E66 )
Supported Phone :
5320 XpressMusic, 5700 XpressMusic, 6110 Navigator, 6120 Classic, 6121 Classic, 6124 classic, 6210 Navigator, 6220 classic, 6290, E50, E51, E65, N71, N73, N75, N76, N78, N81, N81 8GB, N85, N82, N92, N93, N93i, N95, N95 8GB, N95-3NAM, N96


Standin on a Beach - Full SVG Theme

Full SVG Themes for nokia fp1 and fp2 phones


Disparity Light – Symbian 5th Themes

Themes for symbian 9.4 ( nokia 5800 and N97 )


Xpress Rock Music - QVGA Theme S60v3

QVGA Themes for nokia fp1 and fp2 phone, and also include 320×240 screen version


Escape 3 240x320 CN Symbian Game

Michael re-imprisonment is the trap? Michael has been working with the battle of wits with the Mahon also in jail. Not a series of carefully prepared in advance and no tattoos passwords, Michael, how can it escape?
Fortunately, he was not a person in combat. In addition tooutside the prison will do its best, there are new inmates Mahon, the two super-smart, but is the enemy of the people how to work together in the Fox prison escape, send text messages ... ... Michael Mahon smart with the Second people group.


David Coulthard GP S40v2/v3/v5 S60v3/v2 Symbain Game

David Coulthard GP is feature packed, fast-paced racing action with David Coulthard! You can change view from in car to aerial view during the race, there are three skill levels and six GP circuits to choose from with varying weather conditions. With free practice, qualifying and the race, variable car set up options and freely selectable pit stop strategy, you can enjoy the full race weekend experience! Features may vary on different handsets.



176x208 (NOKIA N70/N72/N91)







NFL 2010 ML S60v3

The official NFL video game: Full teams rosters and the complete 2010 NFL season including post and pre-season schedules
- New immersive QB view (split screen) showing the QB and also the potential receiver, plus a new kicking view
- Intuitive controls to quickly make the best decisions on the field
- More detailed players’ graphics and new moves like dives or hurdles
- Additional playbooks with over 100 plays, plus a practice mode to learn how to master them
- Play as the coach and manage your roster to perform along the season

Free Download 320x240


Stripe Black ( Blue Edition )– Full SVG Themes

Feature :
Shiny icon pack from myself
Full SVG Themes for all screensice ( 240×320, 320×240, 360×640 )
Added 500 third icon
Working for fp1, fp2 and 5th phones ( except E71 & E66 )
Supported Phone :
5800 Xpress Music, 5320 XpressMusic, 5700 XpressMusic, 6110 Navigator, 6120 Classic, 6121 Classic, 6124 classic, 6210 Navigator, 6220 classic, 6290, E50, E51, E65, N71, N73, N75, N76, N78, N81, N81 8GB, N85, N82, N92, N93, N93i, N95, N95 8GB, N95-3NAM, N96, N97


Choco - 360x640 Themes

360×640 themes for s60 touch phone ( Nokia 5800 & N97 )


Racing Snail - QVGA Theme

After several days’ hard work, today Snail is coming…
This theme is only for QVGA solution. It should be compatible with Mr & FP1 & FP2 and fits both portrait and landscape modes.
Default and Flahorn and Skylion, Zylam Marex & Belial touch icons(I modified some by myself) version included.
Thanks Vladstudio for wallpaper and Skylion, Zylam Marex & Belial for touch icons and Flahorn for his Flahorn icons.


Wavy - Symbian 5th Themes

Themes for nokia 5800 xpress music and n97


Dragon Warrior - Millennium Seal 240x320 Java Game

People from ethnic and nationality of the Hundred Years War has been for hundreds of Years, and Noah's mainland has long been forgotten that the Years of terror, the Dragon Seal Oslo began to loosen over time, when the seal of the brave nationality will once again bear the future generations from The fate of the family, the legend of Dungeons and Dragons will again repeat itself.


Shinobi 240x320 Java Game

Campaign has been signs of movement as a Sega game and won the majority of the pro-gaming fans stare. This time, can be described as the origin of the popular series "Shinobi" is finally in the form of mobile games ninja return again! Be re-rewritten version of the scene, as well as mobile phones and other original elements to the series not only fans, but also to the popular action game brings players the unique impact and touched!
Operational Guidelines:
Around key or key figures 4,6: control about the role of mobile
2,8 up and down keys or key figures: the role of squat control (long story by jumping) and get up, jump (long jump by upper)
7,9 key figures: the control of the role of the left, jump to the right
Left softkey: let Ninjutsu


SmartLight v1.7b S60v3 SymbianOS9.x

Tired of the display backlight going out when you are looking at the screen - e.g. while thinking about the right word for an sms? Wouldn't it be nice if your phone knew when you needed the light and when not? SmartLight does just that: Once you have opened an application, the backlight stays on - until you close or hide the application, switching the light off automatically.
Once started, SmartLight runs as a background application. It can be accessed through the list of open applications (hold down the Menu key). With SmartLight running, the backlight stays on as long as the menu or an application window is in the foreground. The backlight goes out as normal (i.e. after the period selected in Phone Settings) once the user returns to the idle screen. The light also goes out as normal after receiving or making a call, and after the phone displaying system notifications (about new messages etc.).
For maximum effect, it is recommended to set the backlight time-out period (Phone Settings > Display > Light time-out) to the minimum of 5 seconds.
In order to prevent battery drain, SmartLight will become inactive in case an application has been left open for a long time. In this case, please close all open apps until you see the message "SmartLight has reactivated".
Hint: Use PowerBoot (the free tool from Wireless Labs Technologies) to have SmartLight auto-activate when the phone is switched back on.


SMSer v1.20 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x

SMSer v1.20 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x - Send and Receive SMS to Allow Max Convenience
English name: Smser
License: Free
Software Version: v1.1.0
Software Category: SMS-related
Support languages: Simplified Chinese and English
Author: Cooce
Development language: C + +
s60 third edition in support of models:
Theoretical models support all symbian 3rd
Models have been tested: 5320/N82/6120
Posted by Nima79.
Software need to self-signed
This software is: to send and receive text messages to allow maximum convenience. To allow maximum storage of mobile phone text messages.
1.1 update:
1. SMS Regards
2. Records of the deletion
3. Text export feature
4. Optimize the database
5. Optimize the interface
6. Fan, Jane, Mars text conversion
7. The list of settings
8. Skin color configuration, configuration file!: \ System \ apps \ Smser \ Setting \ ColorSetting.ini


DVGet v1.1 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Signed S60v3 Download Manager

It is a download manager developed by Alexander Barobin.
Features of version 1.00:
- The compatibility with DV: When this option is enabled, does not take into account restrictions on the downloading of files relating to the authorization on the site.
- Select the number of simultaneous uploads
- Select the access point by default
- Select a folder to save the files
- Select the number of flows in the injection
- Select whether to start pumping when you start the program
- Insert a link from the clipboard by pressing the green button
- Ability to copy the references file upload
- Autosaved list of uploads every 10 seconds in the event of a sudden reboot
The following versions are planned:
- Injection as scheduled.
- Traffic counts
- Beautiful icon pack
- Support for skins
- Sound notification.


Mobile Online and Offline Casino Games Series Multiscreen S60v3 J2ME

Mobile21 Mobile Online & Offline Casino Games Series MULTISCREEN S60v3 J2ME

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QIP PDA v2001 Beta S60v3 SymbianOS9.x

- Support for ICQ and Jabber protocols
- Starting with the Symbian 9.2 version of the appearance of the program supports two modes (with their own background programs and with the background of your phone)
- Support for skins and different color schemes
- Adjusting fonts and colors
- Animated smilies
- Support for proxy and the possibility of choosing the access point by default
- Antispam
- Fine-tune alert (Alert)
- Maximum use of space
- Support for Russian and English languages
* Added: Protocol
* Fixed: inserting Smiley to T9;
* Fixed: some bugs and defects
* Optimized program.

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