BlueCapture BluePIR v1.2 j2me s60v3
BlueCapture BluePIR v1.2 j2me s60v3

With BlueCapture and BluePIR you can make WORLDWIDE surveillance instantly
* You can get MMS-photo immediately sent to the mobile phone you carry
* You can alert the police quickly if the MMS-photo shows something not supposed to happen
* A thief has very little chance as his photo has already been sent out
Other uses:
* Use it in your mailbox to check if you got mail
* Hide it in your kitchen to protect the chocolate-cake from the kids or someone who should be kept on a diet.
* Use it in your car and be alerted if a theif breaks into it
* Use it in your cellar to keep those crazy teenagers away from your beer and wine


StyleTap Launcher v0.9.33 S60v3/v5 S^3 UIQv3 SymbianOS 9.x
StyleTap Launcher v0.9.33 S60v3/v5 S^3 UIQv3 SymbianOS 9.x

StyleTap Platform allows you to run applications (and games!) originally written for Palm OS handhelds on your Symbian device.
Here are some key features of "StyleTap Platform (Symbian)":
* Supports most of the thousands of application programs written for the Palm OS 5.2 platform and earlier versions.
* StyleTap Platform is fast, compact and comes with everything you need to get going.
* On the latest smartphone devices, StyleTap Platform takes full advantage of high density VGA screens for maximum readability.
* StyleTap for Symbian includes a "virtual double density" enhancement that significantly improves the readability of screens scaled to fit the hardware display.
* Works great with standard size smartphone screens too.
* Unique backwards compatibility features enable both older and newer programs to perform direct screen updates.
* Runs on StyleTap applications have been certified by their developer to run on the StyleTap platform.
* Symbian S60 3rd/5th Edition
* Symbian UIQ3
* Symbian^3
What's New in This Release:-
New Features:
* basic support for Symbian^3 devices (tested on the N8 Myself )
* fix bug preventing desktop StyleTap Application Installer from working correctly
Release Type:-
* No Need To Register.


Emoze Pro v2.03(15) S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Signed
It is no longer necessary to be a CEO or VP to enjoy the benefits of real-time email like BlackBerry's Email Service. Emoze is for everyone.
Select the optimum mobile device for your needs, install emoze, add your office account, your personal account and even your social media messaging (like Facebook). Simple and user-friendly, emoze is network and mobile operator independent and can be downloaded to just about any mobile device available. Never worry about security with emoze. All data transmissions are compressed and encrypted to protect privacy and emails are never sent to a third party server. Emoze pushes data only to your mobile device when it is open and ready to receive. All data is fully synchronized with your PC so your data is never lost or corrupted.
Emoze Pro v2.03(15) S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Signed

* Configure multiple accounts on a single handset
- Outlook
- Gmail
- Hotmail
- Facebook messaging
- Your own home or ISP email account
- OWA Corporate email
* Manage all your email accounts on the GO
- Send and receive email
- Reply, forward and save to drafts
- Receive, View, Send and Download attachments up to 2MB
* Each email account is identified by its own icon.
* Each email account has its own inbox
* Create folders and save mail from any account to a folder


TTPod v4.00 Beta2 S60v3/v5 SymbianOS9.x Unsigned
TTPod v4.00 Beta2 S60v3/v5 SymbianOS9.x Unsigned

Second beta version of powerful music player, now with S^3 devices support!
Key features:
* Full support for S^3 and S60v5 devices
* Special interface for control using touch screen
* Supported formats: MP3, AAC, WMA and M4A
* Built-in equalizer
* Sound fade, stereo widening and bass boost effects
* Support for skins and visual effects
* Ability to download songs, album covers and lyrics
* Online access to music charts
* Sleep timer
* Mini-player in background mode
and many more features...
What's new:
* Resolved problem with inability to run the program on some models
* Optimized ID3 tags editor, improved scanning speed
* Fix bug with random mode
* Optimized displaying lyrics and tips
* Resolved problem with inability to close the app using task manager
* Fixed scanning problems
* Improved performance and switching speed
* Optimized volume difference between MP3, WMA and M4A
Note : Install TTPOD Patch To Run TTPOD


Mobileways Gravity v1.50.6695 S60v3
Mobileways Gravity v1.50.6695 S60v3

Gravity is the first fully-featured and native Twitter client for the S60 platform. It supports multiple accounts, Twitter Search, Laconica,, posting of pictures via MobyPicture & TwitPic and wraps everything into a gorgeous looking interface.
Overview of Gravity’s Features:
* Compatible with Twitter and Laconica
* All functions available on your S60 phone: tweet, reply, retweet, DM, follow & unfollow, block, create favourites, search, auto-update and many more …
* Tabbed view of your Timeline, Replies, Messages, Friends, …
* Profile View to see information about a Twitter User
* Configurable Audio Alerts for Timeline/Replies/DM’s & Searches
* Auto-Connect to any Access Point and Auto-Fallback to WLAN
* Setup and use as many accounts as you want at the same time
* Group support for creating custom tabs with user-defined filters
* Post URLs from tweets to or Instapaper
* Twitter-Search section with multiple search tabs and Twitter Trends
* Post pictures to MobyPicture, TwitPic, TwitGoo, Posterous, Yfrog or
* Preview pictures from MobyPicture, TwitPic, TwitGoo, Posterous, Yfrog,, Plixy, Instagram
* support by simply sending “p message” or “p #group message”
* Open URLs from any Tweet
* Kinetic scrolling on S60v5 ( Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97 )
* Theme support ( fixed dark and bright theme )
* Full-Screen mode
* Includes a Homescreen Widget for the Nokia N97
* Built-in auto-update function and beta access for testing the latest features


m Audiobook Player v0.52 Beta S60v3 SymbianOS 9.x
m Audiobook Player v0.52 Beta S60v3 SymbianOS 9.x

An audiobook player for Symbian S60 and UIQ smartphones.
Written by Panagiotis Karagiannis
Can play any audio format the phone supports.
It can play a folder with audio files. No need for audiobook preparation.
Stops playing when a phone call is active.
Stops when alarm or other phone function blocks the audio output.
Remembers the last played book and opens it at program start.
Remembers the chapter and position for all audiobooks.
Exits automatically when for 1 hour is stopped, to free up phone resources.
Displays not only chapter size but also audiobook size and position.
It can stop, start, etc. even when the keyboard is locked (my favorite while jogging!). Ready for S60 but needs some work on UIQ3
Supports multiple platforms (S60,UIQ3 and more).
Performs some sanity tests in order to avoid crashes.(Not ready yet).
Relatively small memory usage (about 150kb on S60v3).
Lacking features:
Lack of a settings page. I don't know how to do it in mShell (ui.form can only display very sort words, let alone phrases). I hope the default settings are ok for most users. Ok if there are people out there interested, I will try again
No sophisticated graphics, just text. I didn't spend time on this. On the other hand the necessary info is displayed, and the fonts are easily readable.
No support for additional audio formats. The audio files must be supported by the cellphone. This is not a big problem as .amr .mp3 (UIQ3 and S60 ) and .awb (S60) do the job.
I believe the code is a mess. I didn't try to follow any coding rule or style and the code grew bigger than I expected, mainly because I added functionality on the go. Also my inexperience in mShell played a role on the final (messy) result. I will try in the future to improve code readability.
No Internationalization, english only.
No bookmarks. I don't really believe this is a usefull feature but if some people want it, I will add it.
At the moment the Red key kills the program before it has a chance to save the position
How to prepare/install audiobooks:
If your audiobook is a folder with mp3 files, transfer it to your phone to X:\audiobooks\ where X is your memory card. If this method works for you, stick with it. In practice however there can be several problems. At first, the size of the audiobook can be huge, so you maybe want to reduce its size, especialy if you like to have a lot of audiobooks at the same time to your phone. How to use it:
Leftkey and 1: back 10 sec
Rightkey and 3: forward 10 sec
Upkey and 2: raise volume
Downkey and 8: lower volume
4: back 1 min
6: forward 1 min
Gokey and 5: play/pause
Backspace (c on UIQ3) quit the program
from the menu you can change the audiobook played.


Motorola ATRIX 4G Set to Launch

Motorola ATRIX 4G Set to Launch
AT&T/Motorola ATRIX 4G Smartphone
Posted: 06-Jan-2011 [Source: ATT]
[The Motorola ATRIX 4G will be available exclusively to AT&T subscribers. It runs a full Mozilla Firefox 3.6 browser, supports Adobe Flash Player and includes a dual core processor and is being described as the "world's most powerful smartphone."]

CES, Las Vegas - - Motorola Mobility, Inc. (NYSE New MMI). added, and AT & T Motorola today ATRIX ™ 4G, the smartphone that you can only take power from the mobile computer in your pocket: Motorola revolutionary changes Webtop application of mobile computing available by releasing the power of your smartphone like never before. Designed to provide unprecedented computing on your smartphone, Motorola is running Webtop application, full Mozilla Firefox 3.6 browser and supports Adobe ® Flash ® Player to open all the rich graphics, animations and video on the Web . Motorola ATRIX 4G includes a dual-core processor with each heart clocked at 1 GHz and provides up to two GHz of processing power. In other words, Motorola smartphone ATRIX 4G is the most powerful in the world. Motorola 4G ATRIX essentially create a user principal center of digital work and interact with documents, media and content to be. This will allow Webtop application by Motorola, and incredible new accessory docks, the dock as laptop users have a screen, large keyboard and trackpad, it is easier for them to have an enhanced experience and interactive computer and on their devices.

While in the Webtop application, users can run Android applications in a window, looking for their favorite websites with a full desktop Firefox browser, send instant messages and phone calls all at the same time. Request to continue without interruption if Motorola ATRIX 4G is removed from a dock. Users have the ability to surf the Web, companies consider social networks and Web applications using HTML5 and supports cloud computing services. It also provides a new feature entertainment center you can view photos, music and videos you already love on-the-go on the big screen in the lounge. ATRIX 4G in the U.S. is AT & T U-verse Mobile ® application that allows users to schedule recordings, and for qualifying customers TV, download and watch TV shows on their successful smartphones feature.

Motorola offers consumers ATRIX 4G instant access to all their e-mails, files and media. When using the Webtop application that business users will be using an existing account of the Citrix Application Citrix integrated receiver that provides secure, high-performance virtual desktops, and Windows ® benefit Web and Office applications provides hosted Citrix XenDesktop. In addition to the full suite of Office applications and email applications, users can also access a large number of web applications like, Google Docs, and any HTML application or service in the full desktop browser.

Motorola Android 4G ATRIX ™ 2.2 with access to more than 100,000 applications and games from Android Market ™.
Motorola provides two high-tech industry guide for 4G Docks ATRIX:
* The Motorola HD multimedia dock has three USB ports and an HDMI port lets you connect a keyboard, mouse, speakers, and HDMI-compatible monitor to work in an office / office or connecting to an HDMI-compatible TV and theater home audio system for interacting with content, and enjoy video, music, games and more in your living room.
* The dock Motorola has issued an incredibly thin design with a 11.6-inch screen, full keyboard, stereo speakers, battery 36Wh three cells for up to eight hours of battery life and weighs only 2.4 pounds. Users simply turn your Motorola to fix 4G ATRIX the back of the docking station laptop it on an active market, machine connected to a true mobility at work, home and play on- the-in a form factor of the lighter and smaller than most laptop go on the market experience.

Key features and specifications:
* A dual-core processor, opening web pages twice as fast as most other smart phones, gaming and faster rendering display of HD video on a big screen television
* Provide a full 1 GB of RAM for double the memory of most smartphones effort multi-tasking, like a movie during treatment and response to e-mail
* The world's first QHD screen for a smartphone and provides a high resolution and 24-bit color, making it easier to read indoors and outside
* Front-and rear cameras to the future and the ability to record in HD
* Convenient Biometric fingerprint helps unlock your phone and provides additional security
* Up to 48 GB memory (internal 16 GB and 32 GB optional microSD card) - enough for thousands of songs, pictures and movies
* 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi 802.11n support, so that up to 50 percent faster download and upload speeds in WiFi mode, compared to most other smartphones
* Optional AT & T Mobile Hotspot for connecting up to five Wi-Fi devices
* Less than 11 mm thick with a huge 1930 mAh for longer standby time and talk
* Two microphones for noise reduction technology so that your calls are heard loud and clear, even in the noisiest environments
Supports HD video recording and playback to the highest standards of multimedia

Motorola ATRIX 4G will be available to AT & T customers in Q1 2011 e For more information, visit ATRIX 4G: / and Atrix. Motorola ATRIX 4G will be available exclusively in the U.S. for customers of AT & T.


Verizon/Motorola announce XOOM™ Tablet

Verizon/Motorola announce XOOM™ Tablet
Verizon/Motorola announce XOOM™ Tablet
Posted: 06-Jan-2011 [Source: Verizon and Motorola]
[The 10.1 inch Motorola XOOM™ tablet, based on Android 3.0 and offering dual-core porcessing, supports 1080p HD video, and will launch with 3G/Wifi in 1Q and with 4G/LTE in 2Q according to Verizon.]

CES Las Vegas - Verizon Wireless and Mobility Motorola Inc. introduced today the new innovative tablet Motorola XOOM ™? the first device on the new Android by Google 3.0 Honeycomb operating system from the ground up for tablets. The honeycomb improved usability Android favorites such as widgets, multi-tasking, browsing, and customized alerts and have the latest Google mobile innovations. With a dual-core processor with each core running at 1 GHz and delivers up to two gigahertz of computing power, and 10.1-inch widescreen HD display, Motorola XOOM offers Verizon Wireless customers a new way of mobile computing experience on a stylishly thin device, the 4G LTE upgradeable.

Motorola XOOM defines the tablet device category by offering more ways to have fun with friends and stay on the go. It allows consumers to play HD content directly occur on the device that supports 1080p HD video and HDMI output for HD content on screens larger screen and plays video and other rich web content seamlessly with Adobe ® Flash ® Player. Motorola XOOM has a front-facing 2-megapixel camera for video chats over Wi-Fi or 3G/4G LTE, as well as a backward-looking 5-megapixel camera that captures video in 720p HD. It provides console gaming performance as on the 1280x800 display and features a built-in gyroscope, barometer, electronic compass, accelerometer, and adaptive lighting for new types of applications. It also has Google Maps 5.0 with 3D interaction and provides access to over 3 million Google ebooks and thousands of applications from the Android Market ™.

For the work on the go, Motorola XOOM offers permanent Internet connection? including connecting to Gmail or Exchange e-mail, open and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations, and viewing calendars and send notices of appointments or meetings - with mobile broadband speeds. His mobile hotspot capability provides an online connection for up to five other Wi-Fi-enabled devices.

"Motorola XOOM is a powerful complement to Verizon products and builds on our joint leadership with Motorola to deliver innovative mobile devices and services on the Android platform," said Marni Walden, vice president and chief marketing officer for Verizon Wireless. "Motorola XOOM gives consumers complete control over their favorite content and personal data files, whether through our nationwide 3G network or through our lightning-fast 4G LTE network as it rolls out across the country."

"Light, strong and fundamentally different from anything else on the market, Motorola XOOM uses the best technology available today to redefine what a tablet can experience," said Bill Ogle, Chief Marketing Officer of Motorola Mobility. "The first device with software that is specifically designed for tablet feature Motorola XOOM everywhere and it provides everything you need."

The Motorola device is in the XOOM as 3G/Wi-Fi-enabled device 1 Quarter of 2011 to start with an upgrade to 4G LTE in Q2. Starting in the 2nd Quarter of 2011 will be the Motorola XOOM a 4G LTE/Wi-Fi- enabled device. (Source)


Sprint/HTC EVO Shift™ 4G Fact Sheet

Sprint/HTC EVO Shift™ 4G Fact Sheet
Sprint/HTC EVO Shift™ 4G Fact Sheet
Posted: 05-Jan-2011 [Source: Sprint]
[Sprint announces new 4G HTC EVO handset. Here are the details.]

CES - HTC Shift EVO EVO Shift angle viewHTC 4G follows in the footsteps of the award-winning EVO ™ 4G HTC bring customers an attractive, sleek design with the addition of a QWERTY keyboard and an amazing list of features. The latest version of the acclaimed Sense HTC User Experience, HTC Shift EVO offers the power of 4G, Android ™ 2.2, a 5MP camera/720p HD camcorder and a 3.6-inch capacitive touch-screen display with pinch-to Zoom. HTC Shift EVO's own web browser for mobile use with practical features such as improved pinch - zoom and allows for automatic text reflow, while Sprint 4G speeds deliver a full, uncompromised Internet experience. Adobe Flash technology ensures that rich Internet content such as embedded videos and animations are to be like to see them actually appear. The film from full QWERTY keyboard makes contact with friends and family to stay through messaging and social networking quickly and easily. With built-in mobile hotspot functionality, HTC Shift EVO 4G allows up to eight Wi-Fi-enabled devices, including a laptop, camera, music player, video player and other Wi-Fi enabled device to enjoy the benefits of 3G / 4G speeds on the road.

* 3G/4G capability.
* 3.6-inch screen and pinch to zoom with capacitive tactile feedback.
* First-class HTML browser - quality rivals that of netbooks.
* Android 2.2 Market with access to more than 100,000 apps in Android.
* Simultaneous Voice and Data Transmission in 4G and Wi-Fi coverage, so surfing the Internet and much more when talking.
* Google ™ mobile services such as Google Search, Google MapsTM, Google TalkTM, GmailTM, YouTube, and synchronizes with Google CalendarTM.
* Access to Google Goggles ™ with images instead of words to search.
* Updated HTC Sense acclaimed user experience, the friend stream ™ on Facebook, Twitter and more integrated into a single flow of updates contains.
* Visual Voice Mail.
Messaging - personal and business e-mail, IM and SMS.
* 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot capability - connects up to eight wireless-enabled devices.
* Data rate 4G (WiMAX) - peak download speeds of more than 10 Mbps peak upload speeds of 1 Mbit / s, average download speeds of 3-6 Mbps.
* 3G data speed (EVDO Rev A) - peak download speeds of 3.1 Mbps, peak upload speeds of 1.8 Mbit / s, average download speeds between 600 kbps and 1.4 Mbps.
* 5MP camera with auto focus and 720p HD camcorder.
* High quality video streaming and downloads on 3G and 4G data rates.
* Capture and share high-definition quality (720p) from your mobile phone.
* Media Player with 3.5 mm stereo headset jack.
* FM radio and Amazon MP3 store.
* Amazon Kindle - e-reader in the palm of your hand with you everywhere!
* Applications, including Sprint Sprint TV ® and NASCAR Sprint Cup MobileSM.
* Stereo Bluetooth ® 2.1.
* Built-in Wi-Fi ®: 802.11 b / g / n.
* Digital Compass, G-sensor, proximity sensor, light sensor, GPS.
* Expandable memory: 2 GB microSD card included, supports up to 32GB.

* Qualcomm ® MSM7630 (800MHz) processor.
* Dimensions: 4.6 "x 2.3" x 6 "(LxWxH).
* Weight: 5.9 ounces.
* Main display: 3.6 "WVGA (800x480) 65K colors.
* Battery life: 6 hours of talk time *.
* Standard removable 1500mAh lithium (Li-on) battery.
* Memory: 2 GB ROM, 512 MB RAM.
* Time may vary on 3G/4G coverage and use.

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