aRed v.2.0 S60 3rd-5th SymbianOS9.x

Small programm for cyclic switching between running applications by pressing the Red button. In addition to the Red button, you can select other keys as hot: PTT (E50, 6290), Camera (6120c, N79), Gallery and MM-key (N82), Mail (E61) and Silent (E65). aRed works in background and doesn't appear in the tasks list.
Key features:
* Сyclic switching between running applications by pressing the Red button;
* Select other keys as hot (PTT, Camera, Gallery, MM, Mail, etc.);
* "Don't show" option, for disable switching applications, such as: Standby mode, Contacts, Gallery;
* "Long press" option, for choice action by long pressing the hotkey (run Connection manager, End task);
* Ability to switch between applications when keypad is locked;
* Works in background. Not shown in the Tasks list;
* Autostart.
What's new:
* Reduced the duration of long press
* Fixed bug where long press is triggered when the keypad is locked
* Ability to invert the selected exceptions in Options - exceptions - All applicationsm, briefly pressing by Green button
* Auto-disable Long ABC for Copy/Paste
* Small changes in the code of application
NOTES: Before installing this version you must remove the previous! Switching when the keypad is locked and backlight setting is guaranteed only when using the standard lock!


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