Shamrock Games - Zombie Attack

The world is the future, an immense world, where humans are outnumbered. Is the time of mankind truly over? The few humans who have survived the catastrophe have to hide. The new world belongs to the barbarous zombies. This chance encounter suddenly gives you the once in a lifetime chance to save the world. Will you manage to pass all tests, to protect your lady and to give mankind another chance? Unlock new weaponry, set up booby traps! The newly awoken dead must not stop you. Mission: Your goal is to survive in all levels of the game and to kill the maximum number of zombies. You have the great opportunity of putting yourself in the position of the last hero in the post-apocalypse's world filled with crowds of blood-thirsty zombies.
Will a new epoch for the history of mankind ensue? This rests solely in your hands!
- Amazing graphics creating a horrible post-apocalypse's atmosphere;
-Exciting story accompanied with dialogues of main characters and over 50 spectacular in-game movies; unique animations of weapon shooting and loading;
- 18 levels of fierce battles with crowds of zombies; each level with a time limit as a challenge; different strategies can be applied;
- 7 weapons types (arbalest, pistol, shotgun, submachine gun, machine-gun, mortar and flame-thrower); choosing two weapons types from the weapons list before starting each level and switching between them while playing the level; each weapon has 3 stages of development;
- Different types of fortifications (box, wall, stone wall) and traps (explosive, anti-personnel mine, anti-tank mine, napalm mine) helping the player to repel the attacks of zombies;
- 3 types of zombies (a slow man, an agile woman, a strong fat man) plus quick scorpions;
- Numerous in-game special effects making gameplay more thrilling (destructions, explosions, inflammation, trampling down the objects by zombies etc.)
- Easy to learn controls,


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