WebGate Advanced Call Manager v2.77.273 S60v3/v5 SymbianOS9.x

Are you busy, constantly in important meetings and discussions? Is your mobile always ringing at a bad moment?
All you need to be in control is the Advanced Call Manager! It will handle the incoming calls for you and personalize your approach to the callers – play an instant busy tone / drop the call, send a kind SMS, divert calls*, mute the ringer or play a personal greeting*.
ACM handles your incoming calls with a personalized approach to different callers – it accepts, rejects, forwards calls*, sends a personalized SMS, plays a greeting* or mutes the ringer. You can easily save different profiles and schedule them according to time or location.
Take your time with Advanced Call Manager!
With Advanced Call Manager you can organize your phone book into custom lists like Black list (people you don't like to disturb you), White list (important people who are "allowed" to call you) or any other custom list (a very special group could be your family to which you may wish to send a personal SMS if they call during a business meeting).
ACM enables you to set different actions for the groups you have defined ‐ you can accept, reject, divert calls*, send personalized SMS, play personalized greeting* or mute the ringer. With SMS templates you can set special messages for each group very easily. You can do the same with personalized voice greetings.
The Advanced Call Manager lets you tune your mobile into several modes:
* Accept all calls (inactive)
* Reject all calls
* Accept Phonebook only
* Reject from black list (you have to define the list in advance)
* Accept from white list (you have to define the list in advance)
* Reject all + custom action (e.g. send SMS to your wife or girlfriend if she calls)
Supported Reject Actions:
* Send busy tone / drop
* Reply by SMS
* Divert calls*
* Mute the ringer
* Send personalized greeting* (applies to Nokia devices only!)


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