Melon Call & SMS Filter v1.02.47 S60v3/v5 SymbianOS9.x

In some situations you cannot or do not want to take a call:
on a noisy street, at a relaxed dinner, in a crowded office. You can fully trust Call & SMS Filter to manage all calls and SMS you are unable or unwilling to take personally.
Features :
You want to accept calls only or text messages only?
You'd like to block incoming calls with no sound or vibration and send a custom SMS auto-reply?
You'd like to forward a portion of your incoming calls and messages to your assistant?
You want to block callers who hide their numbers?
Keen on making a blacklist or whitelist?
You want scheduled filtering of calls and texts to adjust the blocking filters to your lifestyle?
Did you already think of a few use scenarios to make your life easier? Call & SMS Filter can handle it! Lightweight enough to be easily customizable, Call & SMS Filter is also powerful enough to protect you from unwanted traffic whenever you need some peace.
Languages :
Call & SMS Filter is available in English.


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