Gif Tailor v2.0.0 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x

Tailor the use of GIF can easily create animated GIF files, with the following characteristics:
1, * support for shot
2, * to import jpg / gif / / bmp / mbm picture
3, * to save a single picture to a jpg / gif / png / bmp / mbm files (you can achieve the format conversion)
4, * adjust animation speed can be a unified, single frame can be adjusted
5, * can be very convenient to adjust the location of the frame all gif
6, * Support watermark, transparent color to pure white (255, 255, 255), can be used to support the picture as a watermark
7, * Support for touch screen, you can drag images to the designated location
8, * adjustable output image quality
9, * GIF picture can be split
List of shortcuts:
0 to delete all the pictures
1 position in the current insert picture
3 additional one picture to the last
4 forward a current picture location
5 Save the current selected picture
6 after the current picture of a position shift
* Set the current selected picture of the delay
Preview GIF animation OK.
What's new:
1. the additional screen video recording, capture period set by delay;
2. an additional cycle drawings function (regular drawings), capture cycle through the delay settings;
3. capture mode additional enhanced mode, ability to provide more drawings, etc. may crawl lyrics show display;
4. rewrite the GIF codec module, to read and write faster and generate smaller files to avoid using the system API exception when decoding problem;
5. add the GIF , the file can be imported all the animation frames;
6. a transparent GIF file is saved as an additional function;
7. can be set drawings areas can be visualized orientation can also be entered manually;
8. an additional feature to set the temporary folder (cache path, D drive the fastest);
9. additional temporary file compression option (no compression, the default compression, fast compression, maximum compression);
10. rewrite the scaling algorithm, to avoid using the system API to scaling is slower, while addressing in some cases the problem can not work;
11. add the file, select multiple files and added progress display;
12. support the mbm file to import all the pictures;
13. split GIF file, additional progress bar, and resolved to be optimized GIF file shows the problem with incomplete;
14. can program settings for the system to avoid the memory automatically when the system is shut down;
15. additional delay unified set of all image features;
16. the additional functions to save all files;
17. the additional file name prefix editing;
18. additional drawings priority function, recommended setting for the high priority;
19. ICO and WMF files to read additional features;
20. the additional position of watermark set function;
21. the additional watermark transparency setting function;
22. support the MBM / PNG / ICO file itself transparent watermarking support effect;
23. solved the screen anyway can not be correct drawings after switching the bug;
24. settled into PNG image to display unusual ;
25. the additional file number setting function.


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