Mobile 4 Mumbai - Mumbai Auto J2ME

Mumbai Auto features
* Latest updated as of June 2010 New Fare Structure !
* No need to send and spend on SMS!
* No GPRS (Internet on mobile)
* User friendly Enter minimum keystrokes !
* Intelligent : no need to enter 11.2 (four keystrokes, infact 5 or more on most mobile!!) just write 112 because we know it is tedious to type (dot) on Mobile !
* No need to type dot (or point or full stop) . No extra Zero...Just type 8 to get 8.0
* Works on of Rs. 3000/- also (j2me compatible!)
* No Booklet or /Printout or Auto Fare Card. Go Green !!!
* Andhere me bhi dikhega on your mobile... :)
Branding Opportunity:
* Branding on Useful is interesting concept.
* Your brand can be reach to mobile of millions of Mumbaikar
* Neeraj Pattath Cell :+91 9029076290 : @skyn3t for ...
* Raxit Sheth, , Cell: +91-98922 38248
* Saumil Parekh, , Cell: +91-9579624150
is providing IT/Software products/services to the whole world,
But who will build good products which will make life easier for and Mumbaikar ???
This is our small step, and we are sure, You will it and Support it.
We love Mumbai


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