1000eyes BabyMobile v2.06.29 S60v3/v5 SymbianOS9.x

* Alarm when exceeds a set level of sound
As soon as you activate your BABYMOBILE, he begins to monitor the sound in the nursery. In this case you do not incur any costs. As soon as the sound of a child over a certain level, BABYMOBILE calls automatically to your specified phone number. He'll call you on any phone, it is still mobile or home. Once you remove the tube, you soedenyaetes a mobile phone in the child and listen to all that is happening there.
* Function plays: at any time listen to your baby
BABYMOBILE, as usual Radio nurse, has a function plays. Thus you can always listen to the nursery. To do this, you simply call the phone BABYMOBILE and it will automatically lift the receiver. Thus, you are connected to a mobile phone near your baby and listen to nursery. Of course BABYMOBILE answer only if you call. When calling from outside, BABYMOBILE will not respond.
* Checking over the Internet. When a defect phone BABYMOBILE parents receive a call.
By program BABYMOBILE you can order and activate the service's check over the Internet. " Thus, the central server BABYMOBILE monitors over a network connection for your phone with BABYMOBILE. If the latter is more than one minute loses the connection, such as mobile communications network failure or if the phone is turned off, the server BABYMOBILE immediately call you and inform you of the malfunction.
Supported language: English, German.


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