WapAlta v4.99.10

What is Wapalta? Wapalta is a Java-application for mobile phones. It works as a combination of mobile browser, messenger, content catalogue and reader.

Wapalta Mobile Browser & Catalogue
With «Wapalta / Pocket Web» application you will always have the most important information at hand.
Five sections of the main menu include the following popular applications:
1. communication: e-mail, social networking, chat, forum, ICQ;
2. knowledge base: library, Wikipedia, dictionaries, TV guide, announcements;
3. entertainment: making friends, funny slideshows, jokes, stories, toasts, Murphy laws;
4. transport: road web cameras, traffic jams, route planning, maps, suburban trains, railway tickets;
5. express info: news, weather, RSS-feeds, horoscopes, exchange rates.
Why Wapalta is the best?
Traffic compression
The application automatically compresses transmitted data, which reduces the traffic five times and boosts the download speed.
Browser & Catalogue
In a user-friendly menu you can choose the category of information and entertainment that you need. All popular Internet services become available at a touch!
Social Network
Chat, forum, dating and people search. It is pleasant to communicate, meet and flirt in a huge community of active users of Wapalta social networks. Now there is an on-line friend list available!
Universal Messenger
In just a single application you'll open all popular Internet services and messengers.
Content Adaptation
Wapalta performs processing and content adaptation for all texts and pages from Mobile Internet resources. You'll get the best view on any mobile phone.
Wapalta allows opens the fast access to e-mail. All the account parameters (such as POP3/SMTP-servers) are set automatically. Wapalta works with any e-mail services and allows to view any mail attachments adapted to the screen size. It is very useful when viewing image files and office documents.
Do you want more technical information?
Due to a number of technological innovations, the Wapalta program exceeds standard mail clients in terms of speed, usability, and efficiency. The «Wapalta — Pocket Web» software relies on client-server architecture, which makes the application really convenient for the user.
The application consists of two principal parts:
* The first one (big but invisible) is the server part performing a huge number of operations, including reception, processing, adaptation and compression of information packets, preparing mail for transmission to the mobile phone.
* The other part runs right on your mobile phone. It receives and decompresses data packets as well as works immediately with mail messages.
The client applications of the «Wapalta — Pocket Web» software are designed for the J2ME MIDP 2.0 platform supported by most mobile phones.


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