Twibble Mobile v1.1.3 J2ME

Twibble Mobile v1.1.3 J2ME -a location aware Twitter client-update 31.07.10

* twibble uses oAuth/xAuth for authentication. It no longer supports Basic Authentication (new in 1.1)
* support for twitter>s location api. twibble displays >LOC> in a tweet to indicate that location information is available. You can open the menu >Location->Show in map> to see where the tweet was sent (new in 1.1)
* tweets, replies and direct messages are displayed in separate views (flip with right/left keys or >space>. >wipe> right/left on touch screen devices)
* fully integrated twitter search with automatic refresh of result list (new in 0.9.14)load tweets on demand when scrolling down the tweet list
* send videos and photos to Mobypicture or twitpic (pics only). In case of Mobypicture you can even geocode your photo or video with GPS coordinates This is an example with a picture and this with a video (watch the map on the right). Read this post how it works.
* automatic notification of new versions (new in 0.9.26)
* Image browser to select pics you want to sent to twitpic/Moby new in 0.9.15/16
* search twitter for users or hashtags directly from a tweet
* re-tweet (forward) of tweets. With a few clicks you can re-send a tweet you received without re-typing the message (using twitter>s retweet api)
* quick @replies replies are properly linked to the original tweet (>in reply to>)
* follow/unfollow other twitter users directly from a tweet
* mark tweets as favorites: Useful on the road when you want to mark a tweet for later reading.
* support for ssl to make the transmission more secure
* full screen mode with good readability (Optionally) display avatar pics, pics are automatically resized depending on the screen size of your phone.
* auto refresh: retrieve tweets automatically after a given time period. Or retrieve tweets manually by pressing >*> fast and ressource saving implementation On most devices you can run twibble in the background.
* notifications: configure twibble to vibrate if new tweets arrive.
* keyboard shortcuts: to access the most important functions use the keyboard shortcuts.
* themes: twibble comes with a couple of different themes you can chose from. optimized to generate as little data traffic as possible. Only new tweets are fetched to reduce data traffic.
* open web links contained in a tweet (via phone browser).

In addtion twibble mobile can add your position to a tweet (but only if you want!). It can even make use of the built-in GPS if available. If twibble acquires a GPS position (>Start GPS> in the location sub menu) it will be displayed near the title which can be added to a tweet. Your phone must support the Java Location API (JSR-179) in order to use GPS.

Keyboard shortcuts
* Use the arrow or page up/down keys to navigate in the tweet list. twibble also has some shortcuts for numeric and qwerty keyboards (List describes twibble Version 0.9.24):
* or [u]: Fetch new tweets (use this to manually update your tweets. Only new tweets will be fetched and inserted to the current list)
* [#] or [s]: search
* [0]: Options dialog
* [1] or [t]: send a tweet
* [2]: direct message
* [3] or [r]: @-reply to selected screen name
* [4] or [f]: retweet (forward) selected tweet
* [5] or [h]: scroll to top
* [6] or [d]: direct message to selected screen name
* [7] or [v]: add favourite
* [8] or : scroll to bottom
* [9]: Show log (to see more messages raise the log level in the Options dialog)


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