360ting Mobile MusicPlayer v1.50 S60v3 EN

Powerful with MP3 & WMA support.
Key features:
* Supported formats: MP3, WMA;
* 10- ;
* Support for advanced stereo and bass boost;
* View information about tracks and build-in ID3 tags editor;
* Search and download music from the Internet;
* Playback mode selection;
* Transfer files via Bluetooth;
* Ability to download lirycs and album covers;
* Sleep-timer;
* Mini-player in standby mode;
* Convenient and intuitively clear interface.
Change log: {Google translated}
1. Added new "Speed Sports car" skin, dedicated to all those who love sports, passion gifts for my friends;
2. Song list increased by modification date, random and custom sorting, custom sorting when sorting songs at the same time, it can use shortcut keys to track fast-moving;
3. Night mode and night mode to increase the brightness of self-definition;
4. 10 on more than a custom shortcut keys for playback operation more simple;
5. Scan songs on the ring tones is less than 100k audio file filters;
6. Scan songs add "to add song files" function, there are songs in the list on the basis of additional songs;
7. Long press the volume key support to switch songs, mobile phone pocket, they can quickly cut song;
8. Full song list manager to add and delete songs delete all the songs invalid;
9. Lyrics read in accordance with the principles of proximity, plus the songs match the file next to the lyrics, to reduce wasted space created by copying the lyrics;
10. Mp3 and m4a audio format display embedded pictures;
11. Lyrics text to support sending the lyrics;
12. Delete the song file while automatically empty the folder from the folder category;
13. Menu item re-integration, speed optimization, new translucent floating floor display;
14. Play the main interface directly to C key to delete the currently playing song.


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