5000 Words v1.3 J2ME

5000 Collegiate Words With Brief Definitions - 5000Words v1.3 j2me

This is a new program for this English most wanted resource.
"5000 Collegiate Words With Brief Definitions" contains 5000+ Vocabulary Words and is Essential for Students of English as a Second Language (TESL TEFL TESOL ESL EFL ESOL).

Note (For Flashcard's Section) : after running this program on your device, Please wait a little before selecting Flashcard's Section.
1- FlashCards Section based on Leitner's system.
2- Search Section to search in words, definitions or examples.
3- Help Section to know how to work with flashcards section, etc.
4- the main style of the project changed.
5- now works on many mobile phones with different vendors.
changelog for main project:
-adding waiting screen for flashcard's calculations.
-removed some unnecessary elements for textboxs,text feilds,etc
If you have any sugguestions or need any help about using this program contact me at: h_davary@yahoo.com
homepage of this project :
This project is under GNU/GPL License and the source code is available on homepage of this project.


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