MP System MemoCase v1.0.25

Why would you need MemoCase ?
Ideas, notes, memos, tips - today's life is full of them. The old technique of writing them all on small pieces of paper has many disadvanges: you must carry them all, finding the proper one is always in issue, etc. etc.
There are many small software utilities handling notes, but all of them are limited and do not let handle properly hundreds of current and historic notes and memos.
There must be some way of organizing them, and functions to have fast and easy access to the most required. Our answer to these requirements is MemoCase !
How MemoCase helps out
MemoCase manages in a convenient way your personal notes, ideas, memos on your mobile phone or a computer.
Your notes and memos may be organized in a tree structure.
MemoCase provides fast and powerful search tool and lists of recently used, favorites and most important notes so, that your can easily and fast access your required note.
MemoCase runs on all mobile devices equipped with Java / J2ME / MIDP1.0.


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