GSMSecureCall Secure SMS v1.0

Secure SMS
This software provides a powerful SMS module for all J2ME devices. Moreover you don't require any specific network services such as CSD/HSCSD/GPRS/3G to make this product operational. Simply install and use it on any worldwide GSM or CDMA network while encrypting your communication using AES 256.
Product Requirements:
# J2ME Handset (for a compatible list of handsets)
# 100 Kbof free space of both handsets
# Secure SMS software on both handsets
# GSM/CDMA Network
Product Highlights
A 100% software solution that enables two users from anywhere in the world to send SMS over an encrypted Line using any GSM/CDMA network . The software, “Secure SMS” requires to be installed on both handsets (sender and receiver), along with a Secret Key entered by all group users. If the key is not entered correctly the secure SMS will not appear in clear text. It will be displayed as garbage or in most cases not even appear on the other phone to preserve security.
The software creates a special SMS to be sent over the Network (GSM or CDMA) which is encrypted and has a self destruct mechanism. The SMS cannot be read by the Network Provider as it seems to be a chunk of garbage text being transmitted over the Network Provider's channel. The SMS will furthermore not appear on a device which does not have the Secure SMS software installed.
Yes, it will self destruct to preserve security of the sender incase the recipient does not have the installed software.
After installation the user can access the software from the Main Menu of the phone to send secure SMSto other users. To send secure SMS, the user needs to send an SMS from within the application that will be encrypted and send over the GSM network.
The technology enables Government agencies, diplomats and law enforcement to have a secure GSM/CDMA communication channel. The Innovation is the availability to have this service without the need of any third party services such as GPRS, CSD/HSCSD, etc. This technology enables anyone, anywhere to have secure communications with anyone. This solution offers complete security as all SMS data passed over the GSM network is AES 256 bit encrypted.
Instant Secure Communication Secure SMS works right out of the box. Install it, and start sending secure SMS. Nothing else to do! No service to activate!
Non Tapping Solution
The data transferred over the GSM networks is encrypted, where the users can be assured that no one will be able to read in. Users need not be bothered of who is prying into their conversations, as they are over a secure SMS line which is heavily encrypted. At no point is any data sent is in clear text type transfer.
The Secret Keys can be changed by users at any time, to ensure that keys cannot be hacked by a listening party. Even if a key is compromised, changing the key regularly will help in maintaining a high level of security. It is also important to note that none of the keys are exchanged during a Secure SMS transfer. Instead the keys are matched locally on the phone, thus ensuring further key protection.
Prying Eyes
Incase someone picks up your phone, they cannot view the SMS as it is not available in the normal SMS Inbox of the phone. The logs are maintained within the application which can only be access via a password screen.


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