Anyview v4.0.5 S60v3/v5 J2ME

Anyview v4.0.5 S60v3/v5 J2ME "Powerful ebook reader"

Anyview is a free ebook reader for mobile phones. Anyview is written in Java, therefore should run on any phone that supports Java, and supports the JSR-75 standard. It is known to run successfully on more than 100 phone models from SonyEricsson, Motorola, and Nokia.
Anyview Features
Anyview has following features:
It can read files of type TXT, HTML, PDB and UMD comic format as well as display GIF, JPEG and PNG files.
Can handle UTF-8, GB2312 and Unicode - so can display Spanish and other language texts.
Fully touch screen enabled (for those phones with touch screens)
Very fast and responsive
Can open files directly from your phone - no need to add text file into jar file (as you have to do with most other ebook readers)
Has great page turning capability - you use 2/8 keys (or touch page) for page scroll and 4/6 keys (or use joystick) for line scroll. You can also turn on automatic scrolling.
Has Search, Jump to and bookmark features - everything you would expect of an ebook reader.
It supports reading directly from ZIP files - so your ebooks can take up less space on your phone.
Provides flexible customization capabilities with more than 50 user-customizable settings such as font size, colors, screen layout, etc. These preferences can be saved in Settings files and you can set up multiple settings files for use with different document types.
New Version Note :
Compared with version 4.0.3, in addition to increasing the search, there is no any changes, this version for testing purposes only "search" function, need to test the friend can use and feedback. 4.0.5 beta version to download (full version later in the release)
P.S : For English language you must select 3rd menu section and then 6th menu section at program...


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