HandyLogs Fitness v2.1 J2ME S60v3

Monitor & analyze your Workout, Body Weight and Measurements with HandyLogs Fitness on your phone. Save your data to www.handylogs.com and share it with your buddy or trainer.
Cardio Workout monitors the calories burned through various physical activities such as Running, Walking, Cycling, Rowing etc. If you do not see an activity that you perform, then add it to your choices.
Gym Workout manages your training logs and helps you track strength gains and your progress. Easily customize your exercise list to suite your needs.
Body Weight tracks the change in body weight with time.
Measurement can record and monitor the change in size with time. Track Height, Shoulder, Bust, Chest, Waist, Hips, Thigh L, Thigh R, Calf L, Calf R, Bicep L, Bicep R, Forearm L, Forearm R, Body Fat or just about anything. Particularly useful for Dieting adults or Body builders.
Built in support for US and Metric units of measurement
Installs on phone and works everywhere, even when there is no signal on your phone. Use it at your Home, Fitness Center or in wilderness without needing internet connection.
Synchronize to HandyLogs.com when you want to. Have the comfort of using large screen and keyboard for viewing, printing, sharing reports from any internet connected PC.
Add categories of your choice that you want to monitor.
Export your data as CSV file for viewing or saving it as Excel Spreadsheet.


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After i have seen your post, I heard this "HandyLogs Fitness v2.1 J2ME S60v3" ...Really very amazing, J2ME really helpful to all

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