One Dot Limited MobiSchedular v1.00 S60v3/v5 SymbianOS9.x

Mobi Scheduler
Schedule Phone calls and SMS. Send Group SMS at scheduled date and time. Mobi scheduler is the mobile application of choice for busy people who need to schedule the automatic sending of sms messages and making phone calls. Mobi scheduler is able to send scheduled single or group sms messages and also make scheduled phone calls using pre-recorded messages. Have you ever forgotten to make an important or send a really important sms message to a colleague or loved one wishing them a happy birthday day , or reminding them about an important meeting or event?, well now with mobi scheduler you can cut out all the reasons for forgetting. You can schedule phone calls and sms messages daily, weekly, monthly etc. they can be one -off or repeated, just setup and forget about it!.
1. Schedules phone calls from contact list or direct entered number.
2. Schedules single text message or multiple (group) text messages.
3. Plays sound to prompt for call or text message event.
4. On action automatically calls the number or sends text message(s).
5. Full reporting so you know which phone call was successfully made or sms successfully sent
Why Buy Mobi Scheduler?
1.Never forget to make that all important phone call again, just record the message and schedule it!.
2.Want to send a special message every day to a loved one?, well now you can with Mobi Scheduler.
3.Mobi Scheduler makes that call or sends that special sms message any time of the day or night.


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