OggPlay v2.00 (Alpha 0.30) S60v3/v5 SymbianOS9.x

OggPlay v2.00 (Alpha 0.30) S60v3/v5 SymbianOS9.x
OggPlay v2.00 (Alpha 0.30) S60v3v5 SymbianOS9.x Signed {OGG Player Back After 3 Years}
OggPlay is an audio player for smartphones. OggPlay was initially written for SonyEriccson P800 and then released under the GPL by Leif H. Wilden. In a true open source project, OggPlay has now been ported to many other Symbian phones. The OggPlay project is hosted on Sourceforge. Please help to keep it going by donating to the project (click on the Donate button).
Main features of OggPlay:
- Plays .ogg, .oga, .flac and .mp3 audio files
- Detects and plays audio formats supported by the phone (MP3, AAC, MP4, M4A, WMA)
- Skins (you can make your own, or use already made ones)
- User defined hotkeys
- Auto play
- Shuffle play
- Alarm clock
- Digital volume adjustment (aka volume boost)
- Gapless playback (coming soon)
- Bluetooth / Wi-fi / internet streaming (coming soon)
- Free!
Development Note:
Stuart Fisher was the author of OggPlay, a .ogg music playing utility for S60 2nd and 3rd Edition, but he abandoned development around 2007. However, now he's back and has started re-writing OggPlay from scratch. The main thing that got him interested again was the possibility of doing video. The Ogg Theora codec has now reached a degree of maturity and since it's being backed as a HTML5 codec by Firefox, more people are going to be using it. Theora 2 (aka 'VP8') has recently been open-sourced by Google, so the whole thing has a lot of potential.
Changelog: OggPlay 2.0 (Alpha 0.30)
-The new version of OggPlay has reached the point where it plays Theora clips very well.
If you have a look on OggTV.com, they have quite a few clips in Theora format that you can try, including a couple of episodes of Thundercats! HTTP streaming works so you can also listen to vorbis radio stations too.
- Clips and playlists (.m3u and .pls) need to go on the memory card in a folder called Ogv (i.e. E:\Ogv).
- Volumes controls on the phone can be used to change the volume. Left and right on the D-pad will work too.
- There is no user interface. Use the red button if you want to quit.
This release has been tested on the Nokia E60, N82 and 5800. It should also work on all other S60 3rd and 5th edition phones.
NOTE: This application is still in alpha stage so expect more improvements soon


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