JoikuBoost Beta v0.20(449) S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Signed

JoikuBoost Beta v0.20(449) S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Signed {Increase Mobile Internet Speed}

JoikuBoost joins multiple 3G connections from mobile phones and operator networks into one larger unified and shared bit pipe, accessible over WiFi from e.g. laptops. You can create your personal 4G WiFi Network over 3G today, and boost your mobile internet experience into a totally new level. You can add multiple Boosters to your WiFi hub and add to your overall mobile internet capacity and network connection speed.JoikuBoost bases on an entirely new 3G internet communications protocol developed by Joikusoft.
JoikuBoost WiFi network can be secured just like JoikuSpot WiFi access point. JoikuBoost users can choose which other JoikuBoost connections they allow in their WiFi Hub. The bits get routed via multiple phones and underlying operator 3G networks resulting into higher internet speed and throughput.
With 4 connected Boost clients using 3 different operator 3G networks we have evidenced an increase of 3.4X multiplier to the mobile internet speed in our lab environment. How much additional speed are you able to Boost through your operator's 3G?

Changelog: Beta 0.20.499
-Regional aggregation gateways through Cloud service in US West, US East, EU West, EU North and Asia South. Please select your nearest gateway under the Settings.
-Windows client for laptops with 3G card / 3G USB dongle and Wifi. Add additional boosting capacity to your local network. Please activate your laptop’s 3G first and then connect laptop over Wifi to your phone running JoikuBoost.

Known issues in Beta:
- Only the primary Boost phone (the one that creates the WiFi network for other Booster phones to join in to) displays the full WiFi network speed. The Booster phones only show their own speed.
- If primary Boost phone leaves the network, the connection jams
- It takes 10-20 seconds for Boost impact to take effect
- Old phone firmwares dont work well (please update to get proper WLAN drivers)
- Peering the phones is manual (autopeering and buddy lists added later)
- Sometimes server does not respond in start up (try again)
- Boost WLAN network discovery may disappear from booster phones after stopping the connection (start over the boost network and wlan appears again)


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