Killer Mobile BlackBaller v3.20.1 S60v3/v5 SymbianOS9.1

BlackBaller / BlackBaller Pro is an easy to use Call & Message (SMS/MMS) handling application.
The program allows you to setup preferences as how to handle calls/SMS/MMS from different numbers.
You can choose to filter calls, auto respond via SMS or use the application like an answering machine (BlackBaller Pro Only).
[color=red]With BlackBaller you can:[]color]
* Filter Calls & SMS's (Blacklist)
* Auto Reply via SMS to an incoming call or SMS with a pre-formatted message
* Play a voice message to the caller (* Only Available with BlackBaller Pro for S60 3rd & 5th)
* Setup an on-device answering machine (* Only Available with BlackBaller Pro for S60 3rd & 5th)
* View full logs of each Filtered event
* Restore Filtered SMS's to the native messaging app
* Create unique Voice clips for each caller
* And much, much more!
Listen to an in-depth audio review of BlackBaller Pro HERE!
NEW BBPro is highly configureable:
* Set how long the device should ring before taking over the call
* Allows you to interrupt the app even after it takes over the call
* Set the SMS auto-reply to be sent once per day or after every SMS
* Be prompted each time you manually reject a call to add this number to your blacklist
* Create lists that include all Contacts or All non Contacts or even All callers, use patterns with wildcards for the ultimate in flexibility!
Easily create your filters using number(s) from your Phonebook, Call Logs, input them manually or utlilze patterns (even use wildcards).
You can also create a Killer Mobile exclusive "BB Pro List" and group your contacts, patterns or numbers into one single list and setup preferences for the entire list.
All the alls/messages from those numbers will be handled as per the preferences setup in the BB Pro list.


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