ProSMS v0.8 S60v3/v5 J2ME

ProSMS v0.8 S60v3/v5 J2ME -encryption of outgoing SMS messages- (Update:27.02.10)

ProSMS is application for encryption of outgoing SMS messages. Encryption algorithm is AES-256 and hash function for generating keys from passwords is SHA-256. This is end-to-end encryption, meaning that mobile providers can't read your messages. It can only be read by the recipient who has the right password. And in case you lose your phone no one can read a message, unless you've saved a password in application. But your password will be safe even then because it's saved as hash, not plaintext.
Note: Encryption will work only if both sending and receiving sides install ProSMS.
Change Log :
-message position is now remembered after returning to inbox/outbox
-option to delete all messages from inbox or outbox
-some minor changes and bug fixes


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