Mobile Task Manager v1.4 J2ME

Mobile Task Manager v1.4 J2ME -Mobile GTD Tool- (Update:26.02.10)

Mobile Task Manager is a GTD tool for your mobile phone. You can store your actions, todo items, references, grocery lists, etc. in the application. Items can have notes for details and user can mark certain items as favorite. You can also create hierarchies with folder structures. You can easily purge completed items from memory (handy especially with grocery lists).
Features :
* Create actions
* Edit actions (with 3 key)
* Mark action as done (with fire key)
* Purge done items
* Create folders
* You can add notes to actions (with 9 key)
* You can rearrange the actions (with left/right keys)
* Mark action as favorite (with 7 key)
* Change task priority (with 0 key)
* etc.
Change Log :
· Don't crash when exported file already exists. Display readable error
· Don't export new line characters in notes as it invalidates the CSV
· Don't add duplicate items when importing items from CSV
· Very simple touch screen support (not tested on any device)


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