Age Of Magic v0.08 (Build :263) S60v3

Age of Magic v0.08 (build:263) Symbian 9.1 - 9.3
Symbian: 9.1-9 .3
Language: English, Russian, Ukrainian
Devices Tested: Nokia E50, Nokia E61, Nokia E61i, Nokia E51, Nokia N95, Nokia 5700, Nokia N80, Nokia 6120, Nokia N82, Nokia N73 (ME)
Developer: Dmitry Matveev aKa Beholder
Memory Requirements: At least 15MB of free RAM, minimum 10MB on the card / device memory
The Game:
World Age of Magic - the world of fairy tales and legends. It is inhabited by elves, dwarves and other fantastic creatures. Heroes travel the world in search of treasure and glory.
Magic - the cornerstone of the world AoM. In all there are 6 schools of magic: earth, water, fire, air, light and darkness. And two schools to explore the opposite direction is impossible, such as knowing the magic of darkness, the magic of light will be unavailable. Each race has the ability initially to a certain school of magic. So for the people is water, for the elves - light for Necromancers - darkness, for the barbarians - fire etc.
Spells can be bought in magic guild in cities or in the magical towers found a map. In total there are 5 levels of spells, the higher the level the greater the effect of higher costs and higher requirements for their study.
In game 6 types of resources - it is stone, wood, mercury, sulfur, magic crystals and gold. Each of the resources produced in the exact locations.
Gather resources, build cities, learn magic, hire the army. Here's the basic strategy of the game. A well-trained hero with a large army - a serious bid for victory!
1. Improved / fixed AI.
2. Fixed a bug with the source of magic in the underground castle.
3. Optimized RAM consumption.
4. Fixed minor bugs with the music.
5. Fixed an issue with the through long texts in the message (the game flew off with the opening of the message to scroll by, if you make these resources were taken).
6. Fixed a bug with the opening of the card if it is installed option''only a person''for one or more players.
7. Fixed a bug with the transfer of artifacts after the battle.
8. Fixed bug in battle - the AI being reached at the limit of their points of movement to the enemy, but not attacked.
9. Fixed incorrect indication of growth in skeletons, in the construction of a pile of skulls.
10. Fixed buffer overflow in action (leading to the departure for mass exorcisms).
11. Changed exchange mechanism exists between the characters.
12. For shooters in battle penalties imposed on the distance to the target.
13. For a number of creatures put perk repealing item 12.
14. Corrections in Ukrainian localization.
15. New soundtrack menu.
16. The updated package of cards.
17. Fixed functional spell''poison''.
18. Another finding messages in battle.
19. Updated image of the hero elf.
4 new maps for the Age of Magic-0.08 Maps from previous versions need to removed. They must be removed before installing the game from the directory * \ Private \ E9700266 \ maps.


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