FolderPlay v1.8 softFP S60v3/v5 SymbianOS9.x Arabi

FolderPlay (Open Source) is an audio application for Symbian OS, that gapplessly plays back a subset of the directory structure with orientation on lossless formats and supports the following audio file types: WAV, LPCM, FLAC, APE/MAC, AC3, MP3.
Intended for S60 3rd ed. FP1 or newer Symbian OS. Supports and shows WAV, LPCM (MPEG PS), FLAC, APE/MAC, AC3 (MPEG PS), MP3 (built in codec). Gaplessly plays back a chosen subset of the natural directory structure, with subfolders, ordered alphabeticaly. No playlists.
For gapless playback, the files in a play sequence must have the same sample rate and number of channels, but may be of different format. MP3 file will play gaplessly only after another MP3 one with the same parameters. AC3 playback is realtime on devices with FPU (such as N95, 5800, N97...) and uses the latest liba52. FLAC and Monkey's audio use the latest official codecs; the latter must be of fast or normal compression level. In case the playback stops unexpectedly (as experienced with Monkey's audio) use Pause-Resume combination. If an incompatible file is encountered in the play sequence, the playback will halt on this file on 3rd ed. FP1, due to a well-known bug on those phones (no workaround).
Pause-Resume combination should help. Red Button = send to background Green Button = pause/resume and stop (long press)
On 5th. edition phones use toolbar instead. The in/out calls will get through, playback will be suspended till the end of the conversation.
Change Log :
* 1. Added software amplifier. Kicks in after volume has been increased above its maximum.May be incremented 10 times with 2dB steps. Don't abuse - signal may easily go out of range.Effective within half a second. Works with software codecs - all except MP3 and AAC.
* 2. Better CUE handling - upon entering the playing sheet, shows the closest track entry.
* 3. Fixed some bugs with similar file/folder names.


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