The Price is Right S40v1/v2/v3/v5,

Come down and experience all the excitement of being a contestant on "The Greatest Game Show of All" as the path from the spinning of the wheel to the central Showcase Showdown! Controls and deliver concise clear instructions to your mobile real fun fast-paced mini-games like Plink, Hole in One and Cliff Hangers, as the result shows that entertained America for generations! Colorful images, download product updates, and save game features keep the game fresh and fun!
* Collect and Play - Clear controls and instructions for making a gaming experience that can easily be enjoyed by all players and casual fans of the classic TV show!
* Authentic Experience - From the spinning wheel to the Showcase Showdown, you get full of exciting gaming experience!
* Variety of Games - Play some of the most beloved mini-games on television, including Plink, CliffHangers, Hole in One and more!
* New Content - Updated prices and products can be downloaded and cycling to keep each game fresh and fun!


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