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ABBYY Lingvo x3 and ABBYY Lingvo x3 Mobile are state-of-the-art dictionary applications for PC and mobile devices. With 19 years of experience in the development of intelligent applications and lexicography work, ABBYY delivers an ideal combination of language and software. This makes ABBYY Lingvo a reliable language companion for work, travel, study and everyday life.
ABBYY Lingvo x3 and ABBYY Lingvo x3 Mobile key features:
* Authoritative dictionaries from leading publishers
* Reliable and accurate translations
* Detailed entries with pronunciations and example sentences
* Audio pronunciations of most common words recorded by native speakers
* Easy and fast look-up
* Flexible and expandable software
* Lingvo Tutor tool for memorizing words
* Phrasebooks with common day-to-day phrases and audio pronunciations
Area search for "Universal Dictionary", a pile, search "abbyy", a pile, searching for "dictionary", a pile of
This, however, three groups of posts, there is no Guinness posted a piecemeal
The most crucial is that a lot of the dictionary there is no area
At least it is so ABBYY
This is bad
Area can be found, and provides links to save forum space
Can not be found to provide annex
In a word, universal dictionary of all thesaurus, must be able to find in this post
First install the universal dictionary abbyy lingvo dictionary v1.2 build 051 (Chinese Version will require a signature), the memory card to the card under the new root folder ABBYY Lingvo
ABBYY Lingvo new folder under the Data folder and then Dic folder, you need to download the thesaurus
dat format audio files (see basement) on the Data folder
lsd thesaurus file format folder on Dic
LSD post a lot of documents that can not be changed, I changed
lsd file name changed to the Chinese (in the software will not change the name of show)
ABBYY use English, Chinese version of browser are normal
Options->Dictionaries->English-English Select Thesaurus: Options-> Dictionaries-> English-English
Shortcuts: *- full-screen, 2 - up page, 5 - Page Down, 9 - show examples, 7 - to find
There are many English Dictionary, I do not know what suits him or her to the basement to see someone write an article
Dictionary collected from the Internet, no one is what I do
Dictionary personally fitted for each person Screenshots
Principles included:
Only the new version, old version no. For example, the Chinese Wikipedia, there are three versions of the latest made only
The same dictionary, only one. For example, senior Chinese Dictionary, produced by two people, the same as only one of them. Idiom dictionary, there are three versions of the best collection
1 1
American Heritage Dictionary of bench underground Shuangjie Treasury official voice
Dictionary of the English Language Selection Guide
Chinshan professional Chinese-English lexicon - PowerWord 2007
Kingsoft Chinese-English Dictionary of Geological
Kingsoft Chinese-English Dictionary of Electrical Engineering
Jinshan electronic Chinese-English Dictionary
Jinshan Chemical Engineering, Chinese-English Dictionary
Jinshan Chemical Dictionary
Kingsoft Chinese-English Dictionary of Mechanical Engineering
Jinshan mechanics of the Chinese-English Dictionary
Chinese-English Dictionary Jinshan coal technology
Kingsoft Chinese-English Dictionary of Biochemistry
Kingsoft Chinese-English Dictionary of biophysical
Jinshan Petroleum Dictionary
Kingsoft Chinese-English Dictionary of Physics
Kingsoft Chinese-English Dictionary of Genetics
Kingsoft Chinese-English Dictionary of Automation
Oxford Dictionary of the seventh version of the audio
Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Thesaurus 9 Webster's College Dictionary Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Thesaurus
2 2
25 twenty-first century, two-way English-Chinese Chinese-English Dictionary
26 English-Chinese Dictionary of chemical - PowerWord 2007
27 English-Chinese Dictionary of computer terms - PowerWord 2007
28 English-Chinese Dictionary trade - PowerWord 2007
29 Dictionary of English synonyms Soule's Dictionary of Synonyms
30 relevant English dictionary Moby Thesaurus II (20080525)
3 3
31 Dictionary of the English root
32 electrical professional dictionary
34 Dictionary Legal Dictionary, 2nd edition, containing the following eight:
Law Dictionary Law Dictionary
Duhaime's Law Dictionary Duhaime's Law Dictionary
Law Dictionary 2003 PowerWord
Nolo Everybody's Legal Dictionary Nolo Everybody's Legal Dictionary
JURIST's browsable dictionary of basic US legal terminology JURIST's browsable dictionary of basic US legal terminology
Beck's Law Dictionary Beck's Law Dictionary
Law Dictionary LAW.COM
Legal Lexicon Legal Lexicon
35 GRE
36 Xiangya Medical Dictionary 6.0
37 international standards Dictionary of Chinese Characters
38 Chinese Character Dictionary Search
39 Idioms Dictionary (with spelling, synonyms, antonyms)
40 Ancient Chinese characters commonly used in the dictionary
41 small German-Chinese Dictionary
42 Han Han Law 42 Law Dictionary
43 Concise Dictionary of the Western Han Han West two-way
45 Practical Dictionary of Chinese and Japanese - PowerWord 2007
The new Japanese-Chinese Dictionary - PowerWord 2007
4 4
46 Compendium of Materia Medica
47 Prescription Dictionary of Science
48 human meridian points
49 civil remedy Guinness
50 TCM 6000 Book
52 TCM Wanquan
53 recipes Guinness
54 (Chinese version)
56 Law Dictionary
57 Dictionary of Buddhism
58 China's Law Dictionary 58
59 China's famous dictionary
60 five word table
5 5
61 Duke dream
62 professional English-Chinese Dictionary Jinshan - PowerWord 2007
English-Chinese Dictionary of public
English-Chinese Dictionary mining
English-Chinese Dictionary of light
English-Chinese Dictionary metallurgical
English-Chinese Dictionary of Mathematics
English-Chinese Dictionary of Mechanical Engineering
English-Chinese Dictionary of Physics l
English-Chinese Dictionary construction
English-Chinese Dictionary Information
English-Chinese Dictionary of agriculture
English-Chinese Dictionary of Geological
English-Chinese Dictionary of chemical
English-Chinese Dictionary of electrical engineering
English-Chinese Electronic Dictionary
English-Chinese Medical Dictionary
English-Chinese Dictionary of Atomic Energy
English-Chinese Dictionary machinery
English-Chinese Dictionary biology
64 Concise English-Chinese Dictionary - PowerWord 2007
65 Oxford Advanced English-Chinese Dictionary of the perfect version of V4 (phonetic phrases audio) 20080913
Oxford Advanced Learner's English-Chinese Dictionary V4.0 Oxford Advanced Learner's English-Chinese Dictionary V4.0
66 Modern Chinese Dictionary
67 English 980 will sound familiar
68 Collins English-English Dictionary of the eighth edition of
69 senior Chinese Dictionary (with concise Chinese-English)
72 Modern English-Chinese Dictionary of the second edition of a comprehensive audio
74 Chinese 20,080,525 Wikipedia
6 6
77 Dictionary of Modern Business (Chinese-English)
78 Drug Dictionary
79 Records of the Historian
80 Long Road, Chinese-English Dictionary
Landau English-Chinese Dictionary
83 Webster University the 11th edition of the dictionary Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 11th (20080714) 4
84 3 brands ringing the meaning of self-BIOS
Guinness fan language
86 Dictionary of English Synonyms Roget's II The New Thesaurus
88 WordNet English Dictionary
90 Britain and Russia dictionary The Universal English-Russian Dictionary with audio
7 7
91 of the fourth edition of the Oxford Dictionary (seventh edition, to add synonyms and antonyms, to support the voice)
92 WIFI WLAN access points - Guangdong
93 Russian-British dictionary The Universal Russian-English Dictionary
94 Dictionary of Taiwan Mandarin Simplified
99 comprehensive dictionary of Chinese
101 Collins COBUILD English-English dictionary V3 version of Collins COBUILD English Dictionary V3.0 audio
8 8
108 Britain and Russia computer dictionary
109 Dictionary of Russia and Germany
110 Sino-Japanese dictionary Shogakukan the second edition of
111 lam in the three provinces together the second edition of big speech
112 modern Soviet Encyclopedia ABBYY Lingvo 12 Modern Encylopedia Great Soviet
113 The Explanatory Dictionary of The Zhivago of Great Russian Language 113 The Explanatory Dictionary of The Zhivago of Great Russian Language
114 POCO Dining - Guangzhou
11 11
153 place names in ancient China were
12 12
170 per day
171 birthday Password
172 Today in History
173 Song Appreciation Dictionary
13 13
192 Baidu Encyclopedia
23 23
340 Spanish SpaChi Chinese Dictionary
341 full-Tang Volume 900
342 Japanese foreign language dictionaries
25 25
361 Ciyuan Cihai
365 new poems rhyme
28 28
406 seven languages Chinese Dictionary (in Britain, Germany France and Russia, Japan and South Korea 7 1)
407 Oxford dictionary with Oxford Collocations Dictionary for learners of English
408 audio dictionary
409 drinks common name Chinese-English Dictionary
410 audio dictionary Guangzhou
411 Latin English Dictionary
416 Sentence of the new concept of Code
417 American English British English Translation Dictionary
29 29
423 Oxford Dictionary of English Synonyms


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