Christmas Legends - Adventures on a Snowy Evening CN 240x320 Java Game

Lucy is a girl full of fantasies. By Christmas! Her desire is to get into the beautiful world of ice and snow of a desire to complete their own. Christmas Eve's dream, Santa Claus has the desire to help her and told her that the ice is not as she imagined the world as beautiful, where she animals everywhere, and the desire to complete the final, we must adhere to the Finally. Lucy able to complete her final wish it? She can return to the real world it? Her trip to the ice began. .
2 keys / on button: jump up
8 keys up / down keys: jump down
4 keys / left: move left
6 keys / right: the right mobile
1 key: jump left
3 keys: right jump
5 keys: throwing snowballs
* Button: Magic attacks
Left software: to determine
Right software: Cancel / Menu


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