Nokia 5800 XM Sexy Accelerometer Application

Hello again,

I did this app yesterday very quickly when i found those woman animations in my PC, its not perfect but its funny and i didnt see something like this in 5800, hope you like it.
There are have 2 modes of operation, normal and xxx (nude), over here a screenshot of the normal mode. The animation dont have a lot of frames so i cant program a good inertia, but its funny anyway
This is my second nokia 5800 application so im still learning, that im doing this kind of useless app but they are funny and a good way of learning.
Also, remember to check my first application, my Level
I didnt upload this to any other place, so please feel free to distribute my apps to any other place but remember that they are totally free (how can i charge for this?? heh)
Javier/mfZ from Santiago, Chile
pd: I didnt test this in another phone, only 5800, should work also in N97...


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