ZXStyles ZXReader v2.0.0 S60 3rd Signed Freeware

* Supported formats: TXT, FB2, ZIP (containing TXT or FB2), TCR
* Support for many encodings;
* Automatic change of portrait / landscape mode when the phone turns;
* Fixing the desired orientation of the screen;
* Sensory management;
* Full Screen;
* Setting the font, including third-party ttf;
* Avto moving pages around;
* Office lighting - brightness is constant;
* Text - carry the words, bonding lines (cut into a line under a specific width before any editor)
* Splitting the screen into multiple active zones, each of which can hang some commands.
* Ability to use up to 5 profiles, each has its individual settings
Changes in version:
* Fixed problems with the size of the lists in the library at different positions of the screen.
* Codes * and # are taken into account for the E71.
* For the new profile is automatically given a unique name.
* At the top level in the settings icon Up to conceal.
* Fixed display of the last open book.
* Fixed some errors that led to the departure reading fb2.
* A report on the coincidence of the background color and color styles are now shown styles.
* Changed the icon set.
Symbian 9.1 UNSUPPORTED!


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