AamchiMumbai v2.1 Public Tran App

AamchiMumbai v2.1 Public tran app (auto taxi, bus routes, train time table) Update

Screen from v5 Device

- Works in Offline Mode (no internet required)
Hallo, uploaded full version on AamchiMumbai, view and calculate taxi and richshaw fares for Mumbai. B.E.S.T. routes and also train time table.:cool:
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* Features:
Taxi Fare
* - Unlimited Fare Chart
* - Fare Calculation option
Rickshaw Fare
* - Unlimited Fare Chart
* - Normal and Midnight Fare
* - Fare Calculation option
Bus Route
* - Search by Area Name
* - Search by Bus No.
* - Search by AC bus List
* - See Detailed Routes of any bus
* - See start and destination stops along entire route.
Train Time Table
* - Search on Westen, Central, Harbour Lines
* - Search by Time of Travel


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