1100Words v1.3 – “1100 Words You Need To Know”

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More than a half-million readers have already been exposed to the controlled vocabulary in “1100 Words You Need to Know”
and the techniques that this book devised to help them learn how to use those important words.
As you spend the time to master the 1100 words and idiom 15 to 20 minutes daily you will discover the pleasure of recognition
and understanding when you come across these challenging words in your listening, reading, and conversing.
Note (For Reading or Idiom Section) : after running this program on your device, Please wait a little before selecting these Sections.
1- Study Section based on the method of this book.(week->day->dayItems(1-words , 2-reading 3-idiom)
2- FlashCards Section based on Leitner’s system.
3- Search Section to search in words, definitions or examples.
4- Help Section to know how to work with flashcards section, etc.
5- the main style of the project changed.
6- now works on many mobile phones with different vendors.
changelog of main project:
-added waiting screen for flashcard’s calculations, reading from Files(like Reading.txt,idioms.txt).
-some fixes for better performance.
-improved Search section


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