To-Do-O v1.9 S60v3/v5

To-Do-O v1.9 {simple to-do list organizer for eSWT capable mobile phones]

To-Do-O is a simple to-do list organizer for eSWT capable mobile phones.
To-Do-O the To-Do Organizer is a simple to-do list manager for mobile eSWT devices.
- Add system tray entry for SWT version.
- Add desktop widget for SWT version.
- Add action for marking multiple items as done.
- Add action for marking multiple items as to-do.
- Add functionality to "deselect" an item (i.e. no item will then be selected).
This feature does not seem to work on all devices.
Here feedback about on which devices this feature works and on which not is highly appreciated.
- Actions are now executed on the root items of the tree if no items are selected.
- Add an about dialog.
- Fix issue with line breaks and merging of documents.
- Ask for confirmation when the SWTMainShell is about to be closed.
- Add a new version of the SWT library for Maemo.
- Add functionality to delete done items.
- Reduce size of Jar file(s).
- Improve sync speed.
- Add functionality to sync two To-Do-O instances. This currently only works if both instances are located in the same (W)LAN.
- Automatic discovery of the To-Do-O instance to sync with.
- The data exchanged during the sync is encrypted via SSL/TLS.
- A preview shows the results of a sync and allows the selection of the version to be used.
- Add "Tools" menu.
- Add function to automatically move items marked as "Done" to the bottom of the current sub tree.
- Add function to automatically move all items from the whole tree marked as "Done" to the bottom of their corresponding sub trees.
- Add setting to choose whether to confirm actions via a confirmation dialog or not.
- Fix problems with the menu when a new tree is created.
- Fix problems with empty trees.
- Disable paste after cut and paste.
- Avoid cutting and pasting on "self".
- Fix null pointer exception when pasting and no item has been copied/cut yet.
- Improve handling of menus. I.e. menu items are now correctly enabled/disabled depending on the selected tree item.
- Add Cut, Copy and Paste commands.
- Add context menu.
- Improve layout.
- Add fixes for sizing issues.
- Fix behavior of scrollbar in settings dialog.
- "Quick fixed" issues with sizing and placement of dialogs when screen is rotated.
- TodoIconSelectorShell -> TodoIconSelectorDialog
- SettingsShell -> SettingsDialog
- "Quick fixed" wrong file path for non Symbian systems.
- Fixed file path button incorrectly displayed.
- Refactoring in order to allow easy implementation of an pure SWT front end.
- TextInputShell -> TextInputDialog
- Fixed bug with respect to inappropriate commands being displayed for an empty tree resulting in crash with null pointer exception
- Added options to enable "(auto) save on close". Settings shell is now "scrollable".
- Added file name for export/import to settings store.
- Added file dialog to settings shell.
- Export/import operations read file name from settings.
- Fixed errors introduced by improvements made in 1.2.1.
- Added settings window and storage. The first setting affects the creation of new items (whether new items are placed at top or bottom of the sub tree).
- Added setting for selecting where new main to-do entries are to be placed.
- Grouped actions with respect to icons in an own command group.
- Fixed behavior when collapsing an item via double click (the collapsed item is not focused anymore).
- Fixed error when items were moved to be sub items of their own. Added check to avoid this situation and just do nothing instead of performing this silly move operation.
- Added delay for moving items to avoid accidental moving.
- Added setting for adjusting the delay for moving items in seconds.
- Double click on note items now allows to edit items.
1.2.1 (This intermediate version was actually never released)
- Improved memory usage and startup time. Namely by using lazy tree loading
and reusing images instead of loading a new image instance for each icon.


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