Hand Dream SMSKeeper v1.23 SymbianOS 9.1

Manage your SMS in the Live Messenger way! Add a thumbnail for each contact!
* user can manage sms in a thread way, just like live messenger. all sms from a single contact will be listed and managed in a thread.
* easy to use UI, fast operation to reply, delete , search sms and so on. all operations could be done at fewest steps.
* multi sms receivers enabled. users can select as many contacts as they want from their phone address book as receivers.
* use built in theme skin, easy to change. application theme changes with your system them2.
* organize sms in custom style, filters and orderby features are added. display your sms in your style.
* and many more...
Version 1.10
* user can add thumbnail for each contact. custom image is supported(.jpg only), thumbnail could also be deleted under user preference.
Version 1.20
* thumbnails are displayed in each thread, users can also add thumbnail for themselves
* provide grid view of each contact. users can see each conversation as icons now
Version 1.21
* Adjust UI for better readability.
* Faster boot speed.
Version 1.22
* Add compatibility for old phones.
* Adjust UI for better readability.
* Enable smooth scrolling.
* Fix the bug of corruption while loading too many sms.
Unfortunately no infos about updates given for 1.23 ...


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