Nokia Call Connect for Cisco v2.01(0329)

Nokia Call Connect for Cisco 2.01(0329) for E Series Signed

Nokia Call Connect for Cisco is designed for businesses that already have, or plan to install, Cisco Unified Communications Manager or Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express infrastructure. It integrates Nokia Eseries devices with the fixed corporate telephony infrastructure of Cisco, using both the cellular network and WLAN with VoIP technologies.
Key features :
* Same number calling lets employees use a single number for both desktop and mobile device, and simplifies customer contact
* Routes internal calls and calls abroad over the WLAN to help control call costs
* Mobile access to desk phone calling features, such as abbreviated extension dialling, call transfer, hold, conference calling, and call park
* Dual-mode usage (Cellular and VoIP calls)
* Automated handover of calls between WLAN and cellular network
* Device automatically detects when you're in the office
* Automatic registration to WLAN and Cisco Unified Communications Manager
* Mobile-to-desk phone roaming with easy call transfer between the two
* Access to corporate directory to find names and contacts
* Access hundreds of Cisco XML applications with your mobile device


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