ITIS Mobile Traffic Client 1.20(5) + UK Map

The Mobile Traffic Client from ITIS is a free download for Symbian series 60 phones which have access to a GPS device and GPRS.
The Client uses either an internal or bluetooth-external GPS device connected to a mobile phone to know your location in a particular country. This information is fed every minute anonymously directly to our datacentre in Manchester, which processes the location of tens of thousands of vehicles per minute in each country we have a system.
Your location data then contributes to help us determine traffic flow on major roads, and in-turn discover where there are major incidents.
Combined with Journalistic information from various sources, this information is then fed back to your mobile phone as traffic information for your near to where you are, so you can visually see road works, incidents, and speed messages.
Below is a screenshot from the client once you have first started up. You'll notice that the client is waiting for a GPS position, before it connects to the server to retrieve the latest traffic information ........


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