Garmin XT Maps - Map of Uruguay (includes arrows Street)

The changes are:
1) added the cities of Trinidad (Flores) Cardona (Soriano) Florencio Sanchez (Cologne) Rosario (Cologne)
2) Extension Route 1 between Rosario and Radial new Tarariras.
3) Correction of the axis of Route 8 along its entire length.
4) Correction of the Axis of Top of the Route 9
5) added more points of interest in the city of Paysandu
6) Correction Arrow Street Martin C Martinez
7) Arrow on street Lagunillas
8) and Requena Haedo Giro
9) Arrows Republic
10) Drawing on December 12 and Uruguayana
11) Turn in Brazil and Ellauri Av
12) Giro in Italy and Bolivia Ave
13) Giro Zum Felde
14) Change street Arrows Jose Benito Lamas
15) Change Quebracho Arrow Street
16) Correction job street
17) Review Pocitos Arrows
18) Giro banned in South Limburg and Coimbra
The first thing to know is the id map (the map of Uruguay is 838). It is necessary to unlock. Some maps will be unlocked so you will not need this guide.
Click on Add File / select the file. Img you want / press details and there you'll see the map id)
1 .- Open the garmin keygen. Then enter your GPS device identity (Utilities -> Get ID)
or the Garmin Mobile (Utilities -> Settings. -> System -> Remote GPS, there appears ID.'s Team)
Then, go to Settings / about and there really unlock your esn number. This is the identity of the unit.
2 .- Go to select map product and sees that there is already unlocked maps here. If your map is not among them, select custom mapset and then type the map id.
3 .- Click on the button to generate
4 .- Copy and paste the code to a new text file. Txt. It then saves.
5 .- Rename the file to XXX.unl new.txt (make sure the extension is. Unl and no. Txt) XXX is the name you've chosen for the map to unlock (remember they were gmapsupp, gmapprom or gmapsup2, either of them will be worth)
6 .- Copy the file. unl the same directory as the map (E: / Garmin)
7 .- Restart the application. If you did everything right will unlock the map.


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