Baidu 2010b2 Eng translated

Here's the latest release of baidu mobile browser released on 22-03-2010.
Here's the features.
- Baidu has a strong search function, and integrated news, hot list, know that posted it so popular, intimate service. Is your perfect partner mobile Internet
- .Internet Top, hand grasp!
Read the news, see search Billboard, see Wikipedia popular entry list to see the hottest stories on the use of handheld Baidu! Internet Top, leisure gossip, free-hand to grasp novel!
- .Mobile site full navigation, a more convenient wireless life
- To facilitate the mobile sites you visit often, we cooperate with well 123 in-depth, as we dedicate the most exciting mobile phone site navigation. In this way, you use a handheld Baidu, you can tour the mobile Internet.
- Bubble paste it to see that, Baidu's most popular products anytime, anywhere experience
- in addition to have more popular handheld Baidu, attentive service, look at our feature it:
- Flow-saving
Proprietary data interface, faster traffic and more economical.
- That the transfer film
Posted it, that support uploading pictures, posting, ask for a shot or pass, allowing you to communicate better and users.
- Bookmark accompanying
Bookmark with exciting mobile content at any time Go. Multi-tabbed browsing, bubble, "it" was enjoyable.
- Memory capacity


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