Emoze Pro v2.03(15) S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Signed

It is no longer necessary to be a CEO or VP to enjoy the benefits of real-time email like BlackBerry's Email Service. Emoze is for everyone.
Select the optimum mobile device for your needs, install emoze, add your office account, your personal account and even your social media messaging (like Facebook). Simple and user-friendly, emoze is network and mobile operator independent and can be downloaded to just about any mobile device available. Never worry about security with emoze. All data transmissions are compressed and encrypted to protect privacy and emails are never sent to a third party server. Emoze pushes data only to your mobile device when it is open and ready to receive. All data is fully synchronized with your PC so your data is never lost or corrupted.

Emoze Pro v2.03(15) S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Signed

* Configure multiple accounts on a single handset
- Outlook
- Gmail
- Hotmail
- Facebook messaging
- Your own home or ISP email account
- OWA Corporate email
* Manage all your email accounts on the GO
- Send and receive email
- Reply, forward and save to drafts
- Receive, View, Send and Download attachments up to 2MB
* Each email account is identified by its own icon.
* Each email account has its own inbox
* Create folders and save mail from any account to a folder


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