StyleTap Launcher v0.9.33 S60v3/v5 S^3 UIQv3 SymbianOS 9.x
StyleTap Launcher v0.9.33 S60v3/v5 S^3 UIQv3 SymbianOS 9.x

StyleTap Platform allows you to run applications (and games!) originally written for Palm OS handhelds on your Symbian device.
Here are some key features of "StyleTap Platform (Symbian)":
* Supports most of the thousands of application programs written for the Palm OS 5.2 platform and earlier versions.
* StyleTap Platform is fast, compact and comes with everything you need to get going.
* On the latest smartphone devices, StyleTap Platform takes full advantage of high density VGA screens for maximum readability.
* StyleTap for Symbian includes a "virtual double density" enhancement that significantly improves the readability of screens scaled to fit the hardware display.
* Works great with standard size smartphone screens too.
* Unique backwards compatibility features enable both older and newer programs to perform direct screen updates.
* Runs on StyleTap applications have been certified by their developer to run on the StyleTap platform.
* Symbian S60 3rd/5th Edition
* Symbian UIQ3
* Symbian^3
What's New in This Release:-
New Features:
* basic support for Symbian^3 devices (tested on the N8 Myself )
* fix bug preventing desktop StyleTap Application Installer from working correctly
Release Type:-
* No Need To Register.


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