OBDScope v1.21 S60v3/v5 Symbian OS9x

OBDScope is a vehicle On-Board diagnostics software for Symbian S60 smartphones. It works wirelessly with a Bluetooth OBD-II interface which is connected to a vehicle. The software uses the OBD-II interface to access the data available on the ECU of the vehicle. With OBDScope the data can be monitored in real-time and it can be logged to a file for further analysis.
Version history:
1.21 Released on September 15th 2010
* Fix: Opening a favourite crashes OBDScope
* Fix: Connection stability. Speed up connection -setting disabled by default.
* Fix: OBDKey 1.10 support
1.20 Released on September 10th 2010
* New feature: Remote logging
* New feature: Location support
* New feature: French language support
* New feature: Thai language support
* New feature: AFR Gauge
* New feature: Monitor gauges in background
* Improvement: Open a Favourite directly at startup
* Improvement: Gauge specific decimals setting
* Improvement: 5 Gauge display
* Improvement: 6, 7 and 9 Gauge display for screen resolutin larger than 240x320
* Improvement: Removed null EqR and Lambda values from Oxygen sensor reading
* Improvement: Different frequency tone for Gauge Alert high warrning
* Improvement: Clear gauge alert settings with [clear] key and Touch screen long tap
* Improvement: Parameter identifiers added to Data Logging headers
* Improvement: Speed up OBD data rate with ELM327 version 1.3 compliant interfaces
* Improvement: Settings main page
* Fix: Reading Freeze Frame data
* Fix: Wrong unit after opening a Favourite
* Fix: Graph freezes when value is out of bounds
* Fix: Parameter description fixes
* Fix: Wrong Timestamps with Logging 12 samples/second


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