Joyeye Lite v1.0.3 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Signed

Joyeye Lite:
* 1. It can make your mobile phone as a LOMO style camera. You can preview the photo with a filter(effect) in the camera view finder directly(real-time preview).
* 2. You can use the terrific filters to process the photos in the album.
* 3. You can overlay multiple filters on a photo.
* 4. It provides more than 5 categories, and 18 filters for you, including Quad, Color, Distort, Stylize, and Frame, etc.
* 5. It''''s flexible framework allows you to append more new filters later, without reinstall the application. The application will recognize and use new filters intelligentaly.
* 6. It can mute the camera when shooting.
* 7. You can use both primary and secondary cameras to take LOMO photos, including self-portrait, or sticker.
* 8. You can use it to take big size LOMO photos.
* 9. You can use it to share photos to, and synchronize the photos to some very popular social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, Pixelpipe, Sina, Sohu, RenRen, and Kaixin, etc.
* 10. You can also use it to write micro-blog on, and synchronize the micro-blog to Twitter, Sina eibo, and Sohu blog.
* 11. You can browse LOMO photos uploaded by other users.
And many other features


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