Green Explorer v1.0.0

[WGZ] Green Explorer v.1.0.0 {N96+5630XM}

Download the Green Explorer mobile widget and take your notebook with you. The notebook includes the WWF green facts for all your notebooked destinations.
1. Point your mobile browser to
2. Install the widget (refer to your device manual for details, if needed)
3. Enter your Green Explorer username when requested and you're set.
Green Explorer works with its partners to provide sustainable tips and advice on how to live green and travel clean. Share your experiences and ideas here and help make a world of difference. We all love to travel, but as global warming, greenhouse gasses, and carbon emissions become part of our everyday vocabulary, we have to be sure we don't end up loving our planet to death. Treat the world like home, protect the places you love, and remember that sometimes the most exciting adventures happen right in your own backyard. Go Green!


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