aShortenLink v1.02 S60v3/v5 SymbianOS9x

aShortenLink - program is a client for the service of compression options on the site
Since I was unable to contact the admin service, there is no guarantee that side of the service can not give.
I have only the author of the client. My coordinates for the suggestions and proposals are listed in the program.
You certainly can reduce references using the item in the menu Anonymously program, but I strongly recommend you make an account on this site, as it allows you to monitor your links and statistics on their transitions.
Moreover, sooner or later, I think my (also known as anonymous to you) the ACC can get into the bath.
Traffic eats - 2 kb.
Obtain a reference machine is copied to the Clipboard.
When installing select an icon. Icons from two mega Masters - boroda and Trojan_73.
-Added another site, now has three:, and
-Interface changes
-Setting: the access point by default
0-button exit the program


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